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There are more interview videos of Dolores O’Riordan online at The videos are taken from the same source as the ones posted yesterday on

Here are some quotes from the videos:

“Well there wasn’t any great obstacle, but what happens is as we all get older we acquire children, and we require life and priorities beyond just working all the time. And I suppose having spent 14 years in the ‘berries, and always…I’d have a baby and then the baby is about three or four months, I’d go back to rehearsal and then I’d go back to touring, back to the studio. But for the first time in my life I really wanted to step completely away from the music industry and the idea of being an entertainer. After the Greatest Hits from The (Cran)berries came out it seemed like the right time to just stop and just spend time with my children and just be a mother — a really normal mother, and in that sense I mean I didn’t want a housekeeper and I didn’t want a nanny. My mother helps me mind my kids all the time, so we tried to keep things very real in the house, you know?”


“My mother in law she was diagnosed with cancer, and in 2003 I moved to Canada with my husband, to the forest. And basically I had no helpers or anything, and I was just a full-time mother and I really enjoyed that experience. And through that experience of spending four years at home with my family, I wrote all these songs for this record. So they’re just about very human, day-to-day things.”

Thanks to CanadianLeprechaun for the find.

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