“In the Garden” on Toronto Star’s Anti-Hit List

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Dolores O’Riordan’s “In the Garden,” an album track from her forthcoming Are You Listening?, made it to today’s “Anti-Hit List” column in Toronto’s biggest newspaper, the Toronto Star.

The list praises great songs that don’t have the hallmarks of radio friendly pop.

The Star’s John Sakamoto writes,

7. DOLORES O’RIORDAN, “In the Garden”
Considerably more diverting than the new single “Ordinary Day,” this haunting track from the Cranberries singer starts out a little like Kate Bush’s “Cloudbusting” before bursting into a startlingly forceful refrain. The transition from tranquil domesticity (”I see you playing in the garden”) to something darker takes place within the space of a single couplet: “You’re like your father, I see right through you/Just like your father, I thought I knew you.” (From Are You Listening?, out May 15, myspace.com/doloresoriordan)

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