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MTV Turkey aired a new interview with Dolores O’Riordan last week, where Dolores says some especially interesting stuff:

Speaking about the screaming teenage girl in the “Ordinary Day” video, she says, “By the time we got to that shot, it was late at night and she was quite tired. The director said to her, ‘Just start yelling.’ So she started screaming her head o — in Czech! So we were saying, ‘What’s she saying, what’s she saying?’ She was saying, ‘Go away. Leave me alone.’ Isn’t that interesting?”

Dolores also warned, quite seriously, that her lengthy 4-year break from the music industry nearly turned into an indefinite one:

“It was the time for me to come back. I felt that if I stayed out to pasture for another four or eight years, I might never come back. It’s what I do, it’s who I am.”

Adriano informs us that this interview also aired on MTV Brazil.

You can download the interview video from (thanks to stellian) or watch the Youtube version below.


M6 Music Rock in France last week aired their interview with Dolores O’Riordan, hosted by radio show host Zegut. Dolores speaks nearly equal parts French and English in the interview.

You can download a high quality version in the forums (thanks badjoe and maze) or watch via Youtube below.


Finally, here is a translation of the French part of the Zegut interview (thanks to celticyodels):

Zegut: She is Irish. Her name is Dolores. She’s releasing a magnificent album. She’s the ex singer of the cranberries.

Z: Thank you for accepting our invitation to “Focus” “M6 Music Rock” . The first question, how do you pronounce your name?

Dolores: Dolores O’Riordan.

Z: You are the ex-singer of The Cranberries. What motivated you for this solo album?

D: I think since I was 18 years old, I arrived in the US with The Cranberries. The success of The Cranberries was very big for an 18 years old girl. I probably spent 15 years with the band. I went on the bus, did a tour. After the tour, I made another CD. After the CD, I did promotion. And my life is like this [roller coaster]. Between the 15 years with the band I had four children, but when I had a baby, after three months, I had to go back with The Cranberries. Now it’s the first time in my life that I can stay at home for long time. During that time I wrote from time to time. Something would happen and it would become like a therapy for me. To be honest, it was the best 4 years in my life. For that reason, the songs and the album are fresh. The inspiration came from the children, mother, father, and the things that happened in life.

Z: You are signed to a small label. Is it an intentional choice?

D: Yes, it is an intentional choice. I think that for an artists like me, Sanctuary is a very good company, because they like to take time to understand artists. I am a unique and different artist unlike the manufactured big artists. I feel like they appreciate me, and they’re working with me with respect. I have respect for them. This makes you feel better everyday when you wake up.

Z: you’re not just a product.

D: exactly, not just a product.

Z: Don’t you think that in a few years there will be in one side the artists and the other side the people who like the artists and go to their concerts, and what is between the two, the means, will disappear or change?

D: This is one of the good things of the internet is that it takes away all the middlemen. It gets to that point where the artists can talk directly to their fans and you know how many people are into you. Whereas before manufactured artists and major record companies had so much control, I suppose, because the radio will chose what to play and who was played, but now it’s definitely a democracy where the people can choose for themselves through the internet and through downloading. so that’s cool, you know!

Z: As an adolescent, what kind of music did you listen to?

D: I really liked Alternative music like Depeche mode and Cure…..etc (in English)

Z: In the new album there are some titles like “In The Garden” “Stay with Me” “Black Widow” there is a dark side with some metal guitars. Were the four years that inspired the songs hard?

D: When I started writing this album, I wrote all the album on the piano. The Guitarist came in and transposed the piano chords to guitar with strange guitar tuning. With strange chords and strange tuning, when he played… We’re experimenting….. etc (in English)

Z: Apart from liking AC/DC, having an album with some Dark side, and a guitarist who likes metal, would that mean that you might have a cover during your concerts, for example something like AC/DC.

Z: Have you definitely turned the cranberries page? Are you going to continue with your solo career?

D: I don’t know, but the door is open.

Z: The Police are reuniting after 30 years. Do you think that’d happen with the cranberries?

D: Maybe, But I think when there’s only 6 or 8 years, it’s not much. If it’s a long time, I think it’s a good reunion, cos people wait.

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