Sunday Magazine: “Fame almost killed me”

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In a new interview for the April 15 issue of the UK’s Sunday Magazine, Dolores O’Riordan made her own headline by telling the magazine, “Fame almost killed me.”

Speaking about the days at the end of the To the Faithful Departed tour, she said, “I was overworking and I had this terrible metldown. It happens when you get famous very young.”

“In the industry, so many people feed o you, you don’t know who to trust. Many in that situation turn to drugs and don’t live to tell the tale.”

When asked about her tabloid headline-making lawsuit against former nanny Joy Fahy in 2004, she responded, “The allegations were very damaging. Our children are precious, we’d do anything to protect them. I’m a wonderful mum. Nobody says otherwise.”

A high-res scan and brand new photo are below for your enjoyment.

Read below the original news exactly as published back then (minus the images), or by clicking here (pdf file)

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