Observer: O’Riordan a “comeback casuality”?

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The Observer, one of the UK’s major papers, published an article on May 20th describing Dolores O’Riordan’s di culty in entering a music market already saturated with rock albums and reunions.

Here’s the article:

Do you have to let it linger?: All Saints, East 17, Brett Anderson… Dolores looks set to be pop’s latest comeback casualty
Once more with feeling: Dolores O’Riordan now, and with the Cranberries in 1995. Retna
When ex-Cranberries frontwoman Dolores O’Riordan settled on the title Are You Listening? for her comeback album (her solo debut and first studio album since 2001), she was surely not hoping for a straight ‘no’. But with her return to the marketplace a good decade after the Cranberries’ popularity peaked, she has risked receiving such an answer.

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