Advertiser: Interview + photo with Dolores

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The Advertiser newspaper ( posted an article about Dolores’s comeback on May 30 with a beautiful picture of the singer.

Dolores is back
At one time in the `90s, Dolores O’Riordan was battling with Garbage’s Shirley Manson as the coolest chick in rock music.

The Irish band she fronted, the Cranberries had hits around the world with Linger, Zombie and Dreams.

In 2003 the band announced they would be taking time off to pursue other projects.

For their enigmatic frontwoman, that meant spending time thinking about things other than music; such as raising a family.

But during the time off O’Riordan found herself writing songs and is now back with her debut solo album, Are You Listening?

The Irish singer says after the Cranberries it was relief to get back to regular life.

“The writing became a hobby in the background, it took a backseat to parenthood and being a person and being a human being,” she says.

“My priorities were taking the kids to school and being a mum and being a daughter and being a sister. Just spending a lot of that time with my family that I’d probably lost a lot of, touring with the Cranberries.”

O`Riordan says inspiration for her songs comes from her day to day life and recording the new album was a much more home-grown process than any of the recording she did with the Cranberries.

“I always use my songwriting as a therapuetic kind of thing. We would work from my house and it was very relaxed, a very organic process.”

Are You Listening? (Shock) out now.

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