Amy Lee of Evanescence talks Dolores’s tour

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Singer Amy Lee of Evanescence said in an interview posted online today that she recently got to see Dolores O’Riordan on tour — “it was awesome,” she said. Lee added, “I really like her new music.”

Here’s the excerpt:

Q) With all of the bands getting back together like The Police and The Spice Girls, which one are you most excited for?

A) The Police, we’re going. We’re going to the New York show and we were trying to get tickets. This has been the big talk of the band and crew for the past couple of months is how we’re going to get Police tickets because they all sold out instantly. We finally got our hands on Police tickets and Terry just went and said it was incredible and he wants to go again. I think Tim is going this weekend so everybody, I think, has jumped on and everyone’s found their own way to get to The Police. That’s the one that everyone’s been talking about.

Q) Are there any other ones that you saw?

A) Actually, last night I went and saw, let me try to say her name right – Dolores O’Riordan from The Cranberries and it was awesome. She’s incredible! I loved The Cranberries and I was way too young to go really see them and they didn’t come to our town. It was really cool to see her, but I really like her new music. It’s really cool! It’s strange and it gets really heavy sometimes, but it’s very sincere and I think she’s awesome. So, I don’t know if you call that reuniting, because it’s not that, but it’s kind of the same thing. I thought she was incredible.

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