Spin mentions Cranberries in cover article

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US rock magazine Spin mentioned The Cranberries in the first paragraph of the August 2007 cover article on Interpol. The magazine mentioned that “Linger” played at a Dallas Hooters restaurant — where the interview took place — and later went on to contrast the two bands.

David Peisner wrote in the article,

The Hooters in downtown Dallas is not just any Hooters. It is, [guistarist Daniel] Kessler informs me, the largest Hooters in the world. In his black suit, black sweater-vest, and dark sunglesses, the chatty New York vegetarian strieks an odd figure in a chain restaurant known primarily for large-breasted, skimpily outfitted waitresses and chicken wings. Neon beer signs cover the walls, a rerun of the Coca-Cola 600 from Lowe’s Motor Speedway beams from the TV overhead, and the sound system blares inoensive radio-rock staples, including Blind Melon’s “No Rain,” the Cranberries’ “Linger,” and Dave Matthews Band’s “The Space Between.”

Peisner later goes on to write that Interpol are not (yet) at that same level of universal appeal as the aforementioned songs, but would like to be.

The middle of the country is where Interpol need to make their presence felt if they’re going to graduate from their post as New York City’s well-dressed, brooding indie-rock mascots and become, well, a band whose songs might be played over the sound system at the largest Hooters in the world.

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