Forgotten version of “Zombie” comes back from the grave

October 22, 2011  |  5 Comments  |  by The Cranberries Press Archives  |  The Cranberries

Halloween is just around the corner and it looks like zombies are crawling back from the grave! We have found today a slightly rougher studio version of The Cranberries 1994 hit, “Zombie”, which seems to have been forgotten by most of us.

The Radio 1 FM Sessions Volume 2 – Cassette artwork

Recorded for a BBC Radio 1 Evening Session in 1994, this version of “Zombie” was released in 1995 on a giveaway cassette (yes, cassette!) with UK magazine Vox. To our knowledge, this is the only release of this Evening Session version.

Back in 1995, two other songs from the Evening Session (“Empty” and “I Can’t Be With You”) were released on an “I Can’t Be With You” single. The Cranberries’ Evening Session was first broadcasted on September 26, 1994 on BBC Radio 1.

Here is a downloadable mp3 file for the fans to enjoy!


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5 Responses to Forgotten version of “Zombie” comes back from the grave

  1. J.

    thanks for sharing! nice find!!!

  2. VodeviL

    The file appears as a virus on my PC

  3. J.

    it’s just an mp3 file, no virus

  4. Yağız

    Is there any link to download the other 2 songs?


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