Rare 2007 acoustic show by O’ Riordan hits the Web

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Charlottesville-based radio station The Corner (WCNR, 106.1) uploaded on its website today a pretty interesting acoustic show Dolores O’ Riordan performed on December 3, 2007 making this a rare chance to hear some of The Cranberries classics and O’ Riordan solo material in an unplugged style.

This eleven-track performance, recorded at the Gravity Lounge during a free Holiday benefit show, is one of the most generous of her 2007 American promo tour. That night, O’ Riordan not only gave the crowd up-tempo acoustic versions of “Free to Decide” and “Dreams” – rarely played that way –, but also three tracks from her first solo album Are You Listening?. To this date, it is the highest attendance in the history of the venue.

Even though she was struggling with a bad cold, O’ Riordan did not miss an occasion to chat with the crowd, talking about her kids, Christmas and the 90’s, laughing at herself for not being able to do math in her head and for not remembering in which year “Free to Decide” was released (she initially said 1993!), and joking about Steve DiMarchi looking for a wife.

A big THANKS to Brad Savage from 106.1 FM The Corner for answering to this request from The Cranberries Press. You can listen to the show in a streaming format and download the mp3 file at The Corner Lounge Listening Room. (link no longer available)

Track list
1. Linger
2. Ode to My Family
3. Ordinary Day
4. Animal Instinct
5. Zombie
6. Free to Decide
7. When You’re Gone
8. Loser
9. When We Were Young
10. Shattered
11. Dreams

How much do we love these acoustic sets, uh?

Source: 1061thecorner.com

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