Cooking Vinyl confirms “Roses” Limited Edition tracklist

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Cooking Vinyl confirmed today the tracklist of the 2-disc limited edition of the upcoming Cranberries album, “Roses”. The second CD will contain live versions of 16 past singles and favorites, taken from the 2010 Reunion Tour show in Madrid (Spain).

Let’s hope for another (more daring) limited edition or a EP along the way with the 6 non-album tracks recorded during the Toronto session, the 2003 demos or live/acoustic versions of more recent tracks.

Live stadium versions of past hits, such as “Linger”, “Zombie”, “Salvation” and “Promises” to name a few, were already proposed on numerous CD-singles in the past, as bonus material (“Bury the Hatchet” 2-disc complete session, “Wake Up And Smell The Coffee“,  “Stars“) and on live compilations (“Bualadh Bos“, “Live in Paris 2010“).

You can pre-order Roses (1-CD, Vinyl and 2-CD limited edition) on Cooking Vinyl’s website. Here’s the track list of the limited edition:

Disc One
1. Conduct 2. Tomorrow 3. Fire & Soul 4. Raining In My Heart 5. Losing My Mind 6. Schizophrenic Playboys 7. Waiting In Walthamstow 8. Show Me 9. Astral Projections 10. So Good 11. Roses

Disc Two – LIVE MADRID 12/Mar/2010
1. Analyse 2. Animal  Instinct 3. How 4. Linger 5. Dreaming My Dreams 6. When Your Gone [sic] 7. Wanted 8. Salvation 9. Desperate Andy 10. I Cant Be With You 11. Ode To My Family 12. Free To Decide 13. Ridiculous Thoughts 14. Zombie 15. Shattered 16. Promises


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