Stephen Street talks about “Roses” sessions

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Music producer Stephen Street, who worked on the upcoming “Roses” album with The Cranberries, told some interesting details about last Spring recording sessions in an interview published on the Miloco Studios website.

Last June, the band went into the Miloco studios in London to work on four extra songs for their upcoming “Roses” album, which was mainly recorded at the Metalworks Studio in Toronto, Canada.

“I was very interested to see what they would come up with after such a long break. At first they were a little hesitant with their writing, but bit by bit they started to find their rhythm and suddenly some really good material came through,” told Street.

The music producer also explained how the band and he worked on going back to their pre-stardom sound. “I was very keen to get them back to sounding like they did on their first record, which had a very intimate sound. I think touring the world and playing to huge audiences in big stadia had possibly distorted their writing output a bit. And so rather than being this group where D[o]lores was almost singing out to the world, I wanted them to go back to how it was on the first record which was more inwards looking, and intimate. And I think we’ve achieved that, and I’m really looking forward to that album coming out next year.”

The preview clips posted on the Australian iTunes store last week (also YouTube below)

“Roses” 2012 – Audio preview”

revealed The Cranberries at their best on “Roses”, with a less pop-rock sound. Guitars are toned down, acoustic and strings arrangements seems to be more dominant, and light electronica elements, similiar to what we heard on Noel Hogan’s “Mono Band” project, were added to some Cranberries tracks.

Like on the band’s first two albums, O’Riordan seems to be more in control of her vocals, with a soft and warm voice far from the raging style of “To the Faithful Departed” and some rock songs from “Bury the Hatchet” and “Wake Up And Smell The Coffee”.

It will be interesting to see if the band will try to integrate this softer style in their upcoming World tour.

Stephen Street produced The Cranberries’ first two albums, “Everybody Else is Doing it, So Why Can’t We?” and “No Need to Argue”, as well as their last effort before their hiatus, “Wake Up and Smell the Coffee”.

Thanks to Jury for the info about the interview!

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