“Zombieguide.com” to fully go offline in June

May 21, 2014  |  12 Comments  |  by Shannon  |  Other News

Next month, the popular fansite “Zombieguide” will no longer be. Website creator and owner, Alex Kraus, will allow the site, as well as all of its archived content, to go offline in June of this year. The website was a mecca of Cranberries news and information and was home to the most active forums for fans of The Cranberries in the history of the internet.

Most fans and visitors to the website will remember that in September of 2007, “Zombieguide” became inactive when its creator was threatened with legal action by Dolores O’ Riordan’s attorney. Though the website was no longer active after the autumn of 2007, as a result of legal issues, almost all the files remained online in an archived status.

In June of 2014, these archived files will no longer be accessible. Visitors are encouraged to take this opportunity to browse through the catalog of information stored on “Zombieguide.com” before it is removed from the World Wide Web.

You can visit it through the end of May.
You may also read through the forums, also available until the end of May, at http://www.zombieguide.com/forums/

On behalf of all of us at Cranberries World, we would like to thank Alex Kraus for his creation of and years of service to “Zombieguide”.

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12 Responses to “Zombieguide.com” to fully go offline in June

  1. acranberries

    Sad news, it was a great site for sure but things can’t continue forever.
    Nowadays forums are essentially replaced by facebook and it seems very few people want/need one anymore… even website IMO.
    Anyway let’s hope people will save datas as much as they can because it sure will relive somewhere someday. The Cranberries fans can’t die

  2. K-dox

    Sad news indeed. Those were the days. Rest in peace

  3. saw us

    You’d better say rest in peace… The Cranberries

  4. Tipsy

    Well said saw us the cranberries are unfortunatly in a permanent hiatus 🙁 anyway it would be great if someone would copy and upload a copy of the site it’s completly crazy let the website fall in to the darkness..

  5. zam

    wow dolores was the cranberries and she destroyed the band and all the good things around it

  6. MB

    Zombieguide was never just a forum, there was something special about it. I don’t what it was exactly, but it did, despite all the drama and the fights, have a special kind of magic that I haven’t been able to find on any other forum, ever. And I have found the love of my life there eight years ago which I am still super grateful for, every single day! <3

    I was probably one of the least popular members, but God how I hope that Zg will return someday…

    Way to go, Dolores.


  7. Asjemenou_loeki_lion

    Yes we , me and my LOVE , found each other on the magic Zombieguide. And Zombieguide was really my guide through the most awful time in my life , 2004. And many people guided on magic way each other. I’ll never forget some people I met there . And I’ll never forget our ZG Forums.


  8. cranmagic

    unfortunatly this news is sad but true. anyway it is missing the original words of the ZG webmaster, here it is below:

    “Hi everyone
    My old website Zombieguide will be taken off the internet at the beginning of June. The zombieguide.com domain will be given back to the site’s founder, John Armijo.
    If there are any photos or articles that you would like to save or backup for future reference, this is your last chance to get them.
    If anyone wishes to re-publish my work from ZG elsewhere on the internet, you may do so but please credit “By Alex Kraus / Originally appeared on Zombieguide.com”
    Thanks to all the fans and old visitors for the memories.


  9. Yiorgos

    sad !!!!!
    those were great moments there, the old ZG forum is dead so long live to the new one:

    • Yann

      Quite shocking it´s not called cranberries-board and too many topics for me. It is looking more like another site than a forum. But good luck anyway. I might read sometimes

    • LR

      That tell you what kind of fans are they

  10. Michael Gurau

    What a shame. Was one of the best sites EVER. Was a wealth of info as I was a huge fan and there was no other source for all the info on all the rare releases that existed that I had to hunt down. Plus he had downloads of early demo stuff the band gave him that was beyond rare. For someone to not get paid (don’t know for a fact-but not sure how he would have) and to do all that work, when the band didn’t even have a site that had anything close, and then to then the whole cease and desist crap. I lost ALL respect then and lost at the same time got burnt out in their music. 10 years later the “Brand” of the band is pretty non existent because they have done nothing but let it die. I was curious to see what they are doing. Go to look up a website. They don’t even have one. It is a static page news coming. Really. This site, another fan, has what they should have up, or someone that works for them, but no. So lame. The more I looked up stuff to what was going on, all I found was negative crap about Dolores. Sad. Guess She could always do a reality show. Sad to see what they have let their legacy become.


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