“Our Lady Of Sorrows”: New article by Barry Egan

November 19, 2014  |  11 Comments  |  by Webmaster  |  Dolores O'Riordan

From the numerous articles published recently in the Irish press, one stands out, that of Dolores’ long time friend, the Irish Independent journalist Barry Egan, who decided to relate “the turbulent – and very sad – story of Dolores O’ Riordan.”
Indeed, following the incident which took place a week ago aboard the EI110 flight from NYC to Shannon, tabloids had a tremendous time commenting on the “mighty fall from grace” of Dolores O’ Riordan, making fun of the “pious [now] caught in sin” and emphasizing that the singer was spending time in a “posh hotel” (sundayworld.com) after she left the police cell. How tough for fans and all those who love Dolores to read this.


Thankfully, M. Egan felt the need to set the context so as to urge readers to remain compassionate. As a matter of fact, in his article, he recalls his fellows of Dolores torment from the past, going back over the sexual abuse she suffered for four years as child and explaining how this episode led her to “anorexia, nervous breakdowns, and suicidal thoughts over the years”.

We would thus like to encourage everyone to pay attention to Barry’s heartbreaking article, and follow his advice: don’t judge Dolores O’ Riordan too hastily. “Our” lady of Sorrows needs love and support more than ever, and being in the media spotlight will definitely not help her to accept and follow the road of recovery.

Again, we continue to send our best wishes to Dolores, her family and her friends during this difficult time, hoping she’ll finally get the helps she needs to achieve some closure.

You can read the full Barry Egan article by clicking HERE
It’s entitled “Our Lady Of Sorrows – Dolores O’Riordan

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11 Responses to “Our Lady Of Sorrows”: New article by Barry Egan

  1. Rob

    I personally find some of Egan’s comments towards Dolores as hurtful as the other tabloids. Overall it is a good piece, but some of the things said in it are odd for a “long time friend”. “Accident waiting to happen,” and “absolute mess when she’s drunk,” are very pessimistic terms he used to describe her. He does seem to care about her, but he could have done so without so much negativity in the article.

    I am hopeful for her recovery and I think now that she has the help of a psychiatrist, things are looking better for the future. Dolores is strong and I very much hope this incident can be easily forgotten in the next years of her career.

    One thing I am most worried about is that The Cranberries will never get back together again. Before you could have said that this solo album was a part of the band’s break and they might do something later. But, with this and the lawsuit against Noel that we STILL have no information about, I am left thinking that another reunion is improbable.

    • Bidi

      I personally share your opinion as far as the Cranberries are concerned, Rob.

      I would disagree on Barry’s negativity, though. I think it was necessary for him to speak bluntly here so as to emphasize his distress (witnessing his friend falling so low that he’s concerned about her future).
      Hence the need to push her, to get her with her back to the wall so as to make sure she’ll accept the help of doctors and will agree on following the road to recovery.
      That’s my personal opinion…

  2. Jim

    Telling the truth isn ´t it what a true friend should do ?

    • Rob

      I’m just saying he could have put those things lightly

    • pbc

      I don’t think he went far enough and more people that are close to her need to do the same. It is more than clear that she has a multitude of issues… something that most of her fans never had an idea of how severe until the last year or two.

  3. Jim

    I do understand what you’re saying Rob. Not blaming what you wrote (quite true) but on the other hand if Dolores really is that bad then words have to be raw like an emergency. And if she is about to commit suicide that´s an emergency. I’m just saying I can understand both of you

  4. jonathan

    well we all know she can’t make good music like cranberries two first albums anymore ,her time is up, after all those humiliation and mistreatments toward her fans and her band it was obvious she can’t make it anymore.
    she is making bad ,shallow music for a decade ,everybody has forgot about her and the irony is she is the one who has done all of these not the fans or the band or anybody else , everyone has been nothing but supportive to her ,all she has done was cancelling tours insulting band member and being like a uninspiring smug.
    but she can’t be mature and dealing with normal problems is very strange ,is she a teenage celeberity or she is going to be next britney spears ?

    • Rob

      Why do you go on this site if you think she can’t make good music? No Baggage happens to be one of my favorite albums with her vocals in general and your comments are completely opinionated. Most people on this site probably disagree with you also.

    • pbc

      Roses also was great. Makes this all the more frustrating and sad because the Cranberries were nowhere near has beens. They are such a great group of talent and energy…

  5. jonathan

    i forgot to mention her interest of suing her supporter around.


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