Barry Egan reveals that Dolores O’ Riordan has moved to NYC

January 12, 2015  |  2 Comments  |  by Webmaster  |  Dolores O'Riordan

In a new article entitled¬†“Dolores makes a transfer to Manhattan” published on,¬†we learn that Dolores “is in the middle of putting down roots by buying a new home in the city that never sleeps” as she’s looking for an apartment in New York City, East Village.

I love New York […] I guess I was captive for so long. So I love it here. The people are so nice in New York. I have tons of fans here and they’re polite and discreet.
I spent Christmas here in New York with Andy, his wife and Ole. It was nice and quiet. New Year’s Eve is mad here but really cool. It’s so nice to be alive.

Dolores O’ Riordan pictured during the interview with Barry Egan


And as often when Dolores is in NYC, photos are flooding social medias as you can see with this new one posted today on Instagram by Elevate Restaurant & Lounge, a restaurant located in Chinatown.

Dolores at Elevate Restaurant & Lounge, NYC

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2 Responses to Barry Egan reveals that Dolores O’ Riordan has moved to NYC

  1. I think that Dolores is an awesome person. I am a disabled veteran and did not know who Dolores was until I saw he on you tube singing the little drummer boy. She sang that song the best! She is an inspiration for us Veterans because we all talked about her. I wish I could meet her!

  2. lance galler

    i think it is fantastic that she has chosen us to live with…………….i hopes she likes us! i know the united states likes her a whole lot. a generation of americans were raised on her music. i’m so proud at the fact that she picked my country!


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