“Bury The Hatchet” to be reissued on 180g vinyl on Jan.15, 2016 (3 UPDATES)

October 29, 2015  |  1 Comments  |  by Axl  |  The Cranberries

After No Need To Argue reissued this year on 180g vinyl, now it is Bury The Hatchet’s turn.
The album will be released early next year on January 15, 2016 as announced by Amazon USA.

You can pre-order it now for $34.48

Bury The Hatchet

Great news!
Thanks to Richard Ortiz and Elio O’R Jr for the info.

Source: Amazon


Price just decreased on Amazon. Now $29.99


The double LP can also be pre-ordered directly at Runt for $31.98

Source: Runt


More than a month before expected Bury The Hatchet 2LP is now in stock!
Only at Runt for $31.98
Not in stock on Amazon yet (still pre-order).

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One Response to “Bury The Hatchet” to be reissued on 180g vinyl on Jan.15, 2016 (3 UPDATES)

  1. Felipe

    Best news in a long time.
    Do you know if the LP will be available in the other Amazon countries
    And can you confirm it is a double LP as the $34.48 price possibly means, if you compare to the NNTA 180g reissue sold for $23.78.
    Thank you

    Cranberries World :
    There is no more details for now. Indeed it will probably be a double LP just like the original pressing was. About Amazon international websites, there is no information for now nor if it is a limited edition or not. As soon as we have more details, there will be an update.


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