Happy Birthday to Mike Hogan 44 years old today!

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It’s now midnight in Ireland, Happy Birthday to our favorite bass player Mike Hogan who turns 44 today!

Photo credit: CreepingMacKroki – Bospop 2016

Something Else release: Promo appearances recap (UPDATED)

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Today’s the day, “Something Else” was released this morning to our greatest delight.
Here’s the official promo video posted by the band.

The Cranberries – Something Else – Out Now!

We are delighted to announce that ‘Something Else’ is out today and available for streaming and purchase with all retailers. We hope you’ll enjoy our old songs in new clothes as much as we enjoyed making them.Link: https://cranberries.lnk.to/SEFA

Posted by The Cranberries on Freitag, 28. April 2017


Let us use the occasion to do a small recap of all the promo appearances that are surfacing today. First, keep in mind we’re listing all the interviews given by the band in this section of our website, while their promotional performances are listed here.

Today 4 new interviews were broadcast/published:
– Dolores and Noel on “Gerry Kelly” on BBC Radio Ulster, Podcast available HERE starting at 14:50
– Dolores and Noel chatting to Paul McKenna on AudioBoom.com, audio available HERE
– Dolores for the Huffingtonpost.co.uk
– Dolors and Noel on Paste Magazine

The band also played their new acoustic version of Linger live on “The One Show” on BBC One TV which you can watch below (720p):

The One Show posted a picture with the band on their Facebook page

Some lucky fans attended the soundcheck and managed to meet the band.
Thanks to all of them for sharing!
“The Cranberries Newspaper” posted on their Facebook page a few pictures:

Jordan Oliveira also shared on his Instagram a nice picture of the 4 Cranberries as well as a video of the soundcheck.

And a second soundcheck video on YouTube uploaded by MrNoseyman61

As a reminder the band is to give an interview tomorrow morning at 6:00 am on BBC News TV. The show is called “BBC Breakfast”. And Dolores will also appear on BBC Radio 6 Music at 1:00 PM on Liz Kershaw.

A fifth interview by Max Foizey was published today on ktrs.com

The Cranberries U.S. and Canadian tour dates announced

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The Cranberries just announced on their socials and website the U.S./Canadian dates.
The tour is called “something else tour”:

We are very pleased to confirm that our ‘Something Else’ tour will be heading to North America and Canada in September & October 2017. These very special shows will feature our Greatest Hits, performed with a String Quartet! Don’t miss it!


All dates are on general sale from Friday 5th May!


11-Sep – Nashville, TN – Schermerhorn Symphony Center
13-Sep – Atlanta, GA – The Tabernacle
16-Sep – New York, NY – Terminal 5
18-Sep – Washington, DC – The 9:30 Club
20-Sep – Philadelphia, PA – The Fillmore
21-Sep – Boston, MA – House of Blues – Boston
23-Sep – Montreal, QC – Place des Arts
24-Sep – Toronto, ON – Rebel
26-Sep – Detroit, MI – The Fillmore Detroit
28-Sep – Chicago, IL – Riviera Theater
29-Sep – Council Bluffs, IA – Stir Cove at Harrah’s Casino
1-Oct – Denver, CO – Paramount Theatre – Denver
4-Oct – San Francisco, CA – Masonic Auditorium
6-Oct – Los Angeles, CA – The Wiltern


A few more dates might be announced soon as the band said in their recent interviews that the U.S./Canadian tour was counting 18 dates including 2 in New York.

Let’s also note that, still according to the recent interviews and to the fact this announcement does not mention any “acoustic” show, it all tends to show that this “something else tour”, unlike the European tour, will be performed with a string quartet, but not acoustically.
Also, Dolores and Noel previously mentioned that in those cities, they should not be touring with ICO members but some local strings musicians.

Last, the band also confirmed earlier today during the “Gerry Kelly” radio show on BBC Radio Ulster that a South American tour will follow in the fall including Brazil, Argentina, Chile etc… They’re also hoping to perform in Australia by the end of the year.
They added that they are planning on working on some new material during this leg of the tour so as to release a new album afterwards.

The Nicky Byrne Show with Jenny Greene – RTE 2FM – interview

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A few hours ago the 4 members of The Cranberries were on Irish Radio RTE 2fm on “The Nicky Byrne Show with Jenny Greene” show. The interview was prerecorded yesterday during their press day in Dublin and broadcast around noon today. Just before the broadcast, Nicky Byrne posted a photo with the whole band on his Twitter account.

Still before the broadcast RTE2FM also posted a multiview photo on their Twitter account.

The interview is about 15 minutes long and starts with questions about The Bachelorette, the music industry being different today, the early years when sending demo tapes and receiving record companies letters/answers, the day when and where Zombie was written.

Then one of the hosts asks about Linger.
Dolores: “it’s about first kiss and how the guy broke my heart”
“Does he know the song’s about him?” replies one of the host
Dolores: “I actually got a letter from him about 10 years later, he just said, you know I’m sorry”

About Irish shows coming up soon, are they nervous or is it exciting.
Noel: “A bit of both, you’re far more aware of it, a lot of family out there and at the same time you can’t wait to do it because we do this a lot all over the world and a lot of people aren’t aware of that so it’s nice to kind of come home, we don’t do it that often so it’s always special when we do it”

About more Irish dates.
Noel: “We never say never”
Dolores: “but after this tour it’s the U.S. in September and then they want us to go in South America

About the I.C.O. and the NYE gig and if they had already worked with an orchestra before.
Dolores: “Actually Linger, the original recording, there was a quartet used on that”

About the upcoming shows and the kind of songs they’re gonna be performing.
Noel: “Mainly the album that’s coming out, they’re kind of a semi acoustic with the quartet, a lot of the songs in this album I guess were singles over the years so we’ll be doing those. There’s some new songs written for this album … it may change a bit as we go along then add in and take out songs as the weeks go by but there’s enough to cover… the set is an hour and a half, an hour and twenty minutes.”

About another studio album.
Dolores: “Noel writes more on the road cos he has more time so he sends me bits and pieces so it’s good going on tour cos we get to write for a bit.”

About D.A.R.K.
Dolores: “…the material is very interesting, kind of electronic and it’s also very ambiant, very different to what i’ve done before. Olé is opening up for us on his own but then probably when we swing over to America Andy will probably come on stage and do a few gigs with him.

Special thanks to the fabulous Jackie Hogan for letting fans know about this broadcast just on time.
You Rock!

EDIT: Podcast now available on this link.

“Something Else” signed by Dolores available from Newbury Comics

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For those who missed the band signed copies from The Cranberries official store, you can still preorder Dolores signed copies from Newbury Comics
Price: $14.99

Some of you might remember that in the past Newbury already sold signed CD’s of The Cranberries and Dolores solo (Roses, No Baggage). Customers received a brand new CD still factory sealed and a signed CD booklet apart. Yes it makes 2 booklets. Even if there never is details about that, it might be the very same today.

Please note that CD booklet will be autographed by Dolores only and not the whole band in comparison to the no longer available signed copies from the band’s official store.

Thanks to Cranberryesque for this valuable information!!

Listen to “Why? Radio Mix Instrumental” off UK promo single

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One of our readers just shared the Radio Mix Instrumental of “Why?”.
This rare version is not included on the upcoming album “Something Else” (released in 2 days now!!!) and is only available on the UK Promo CD. So thanks to Cranfan for sharing this gem!

Download the track by clicking this WeTransfer link:
File is 8MB MP3

On the other hand, the “Something Else” signed CDs are no longer available to purchase.
No doubt you already all preordered yours, right, otherwise it’s too late now!

“Something Else” UK promo CD on eBay

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After “Why?” promo cd this weekend now it’s the new album’s turn to surface.
Here comes the first image of “Something Else” UK promo CD on eBay.
Reference PROMOBMG1343

BREAKING NEWS: upcoming U.S. shows won’t be acoustic

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Today appeared on the internet 2 new interviews with Dolores. Both are quite long.
The Songfacts.com interview is very focused on “Tell me about this song and that one”
and the ArtistDirectInterviews.com interview is more classic with the usual questions about Bachelorette, Chamber Orchestra, 25th anniversary celebration, the 3 new songs, tours etc..


One question in the ArtistDirectInterviews concerns the next US tour still to be announced soon. It looks like the acoustic shows won’t happen over there. The Cranberries will play ONLY ELECTRIC SHOWS.

Here’s what Dolores answers:

D O’R: Well, those venues – I still like performing in those venues. I prefer having electric guitars in the small and crowded, packed venues. So we’re doing the quartet – we’re bringing some electric guitars so it’s blend of electric and acoustic. We were looking at coming over to the States in September – but that will be full live electric, because the venues seem to be more catering a full live electronic show… so those two thousand seaters – the venues are more appropriate than putting a string quartet into a rock venue.

Also to notice in her answer: the European acoustic shows will feature an electric part when she says “it’s blend of electric and acoustic” she is talking about the upcoming acoustic shows in Europe!

“Everybody Else…” to be reissued on 180-gram vinyl (UPDATED)

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Crazy times!! After the translucent red reissue available exclusively on Barnes & Noble, here comes a second reissue of EEIDISWCW on vinyl, this time it will be a 180 grams standard color (black) vinyl. Release date is the same as the B&N one (May 26) but this really is a different pressing:

>Cut from the original stereo tapes by Sean Magee at Abbey Road Studios
>180-gram LP plated and pressed at QRP
>Housed in a Stoughton old style tip-on gatefold jacket 

You can preorder now on AnalogSpark.com
Price: $25

Thanks to Cranberryesque for the info.

New release date announced: June 16, 2017
The album is now also available for preorder on AMAZON

“Why?” UK promo CD includes instrumental track

April 23, 2017  |  11 Comments  |  by Axl  |  The Cranberries

“Why?” UK promo single surfaced on discogs. Price asked is $128 which is totally insane for something that will end up on eBay for just a couple of dollars.

The card sleeve promo CDR is made by BMG (reference PROMOBMG1342) and contains 3 tracks:

  1. Why? (Radio Mix)
  2. Why? (Album Version)
  3. Why? (Radio Mix Instrumental)

The instrumental track still being unreleased to this day!!
Also interesting to note: title of the song is “Why?” with a question mark which never appeared anywhere before. Is it a mistake or the real title, we should know soon…

Thanks to Cranberryesque for the info!


EDIT: According to credits on the back cover Noel and Fergal are not playing on these tracks. Dan Brodbeck is credited as lead guitarist and Corey Thompson as drummer.
Thanks to Francois for noticing. Maybe the most important information!!!


On the other hand, The Cranberries updated their store and you can now preorder “Something Else” on Double Heavyweight Vinyl for €23.99
Release date is April 28 as well.

The Cranberries posted a photo on their Instagram account of the physical LP (whose hand is it?):

And for those who preordered the signed CD, it should be in your hands soon. Band members are signing booklets these days, here’s a short video posted on The Cranberries Instagram today to prove it:

CD signing

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