Recap on Esch-sur-Alzette + Bruxelles shows

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Our team is back to sum up these two gigs we attended!
Luxembourg saw the same 19 tracks setlist as in Paris #2, whereas Belgium was lucky enough to be added a 20th song: Loud And Clear!


01. Analyse
02. Animal Instinct
03. Linger
04. Just My Imagination
05. Ode To My Family
06. Wanted
07. When You’re Gone
08. Free To Decide
09. I Can’t Be With You
10. Conduct
11. Desperate Andy
12. Salvation
13. Ridiculous Thoughts
14. Zombie

15. Why?
16. The Glory
17. Rupture

18. You And Me
19. Dreams


01. Analyse
02. Animal Instinct
03. Linger
04. Just My Imagination
05. Ode To My Family
06. Wanted
07. When You’re Gone
08. Free To Decide
09. Loud And Clear

10. I Can’t Be With You
11. Conduct
12. Desperate Andy
13. Salvation
14. Ridiculous Thoughts
15. Zombie

16. Why?
17. The Glory
18. Rupture

19. You And Me
20. Dreams 

In terms of sound, both concerts appeared to have a much better sound than the Olympia shows, with a brilliant rendition of the chords! One may note that only one violonist is touring with the band, the 3 other members of the quartet are local instrumentalists who Dolores thanks every night and asks the crowd to applaud, though those in Belgium were privileged to be introduced in details by Dolores who gave their names.

Now in terms of emotion, it seemed to us that the lack of enthousiasm coming from the (huge) audience in Luxembourg -that was very calm- did not trigger a very dynamic set, as opposed to the overwhelming concert in Bruxelles where Dolores got more talkative than on the beginning of this tour, letting the crowd know that she had a lovely walk in a park in the afternoon, and dancing Irish steps as she used to on Liar back in the good ol’days etc…

Last, Dolores sang the -beautiful- “alternavie lyrics” of Why in Luxembourg but rendered the regular album version in Bruxelles, that was unusually played a little fast on that night 😉

Fans may also be interested in knowing that, in Bruxelles, for the first time of the tour, some signed vinyls were sold at the merch and actually sold out by the end of the show.

As for the D.A.R.K. live PA set featuring Olé Koretsky and DJ Wool, the setlist has not been identified yet as some song titles are still unknown and the boys do not have any setlist on stage for fans to grab. Maybe Olé will let fans know soon… 😉
Here’s a preview of the setlist with the tracks we can recognize (in running order):

Animal (? unidentified D.A.R.K. song feat. Dolores vocals)
Watch Out
Miles Away
China Girl (David Bowie cover)
Money (?)
Heartbreaker (?)

And for those who are still hoping for a featuring of Dolores on the D.A.R.K. set, it has not happened yet… but who knows what will happen next?


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Roisin McDonnell:

More great pics on these links below:
Carlo Verfaille
Charlotte Ferrara
Valerie De Pever
Fabio Sciamannini
AVD Photography (shared by doloresoriordanspain on Facebook)

Here are our videos of both The Cranberries and D.A.R.K. Live PA sets (1 song each per show), which are available on the CW Youtube page, as usual:







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2 Responses to Recap on Esch-sur-Alzette + Bruxelles shows

  1. Benjamin

    Well 20 songs is certainly better than 18–but it would be ideal to get that closer to 25 songs. I hope the upward trajectory continues! I think we agree that we love them so much–but it’s heartbreaking to see efforts that aren’t quite up to par (compared both with their past and with what other artists do). Plus ticket prices continue to climb–and I think the fans reasonably expect “something else” for their money. Agreed it would be great if they incorporated some DARK songs with Dolores singing into the set.

  2. Wow. someone get Dolores help ASAP. She is obviously dealing with some major trauma. Look at her on stage. barely moving! I am seriously worried about her, this is not a hater comment.


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