Somewhere in between here and heaven: CW’s Remembrance

February 12, 2018  |  15 Comments  |  by Webmaster  |  Dolores O'Riordan, The Cranberries

Dear fans,
Since January 15, we have continued to research, report, and share news and reactions as the world experiences the disbelief and grief surrounding the tragic death of the woman who meant so much to us all. As we have pursued this behind the scenes work here at Cranberries World, we have done so with broken hearts and an indescribable sorrow. It is in that same sorrow now, that we would like to take a moment to share a message from our team.

Cranberries World has become an international community of individuals who represent all ages, backgrounds, lifestyles and experiences; and our team is comprised in that same kind of diversity. Like all of us here, what we share, within our team, is our admiration, appreciation, respect and love for the music, people, memories, and gifts that came into our lives through Dolores O’ Riordan and an unmatched talent that extended beyond her remarkable voice.

The loss of Dolores has devastated our lives more than words can ever express. As each new day comes and goes, we are tormented by the reality that a day has existed without her presence in this world. Our hearts ache at the memories that come into our minds when we see or remember an old photo. Our worlds shatter as we recall experiences at concerts or conversations that some of us were fortunate enough to have shared with her over the last several decades. Then, of course, there is her music. The sharing of her creativity, talent and beautiful voice is how she introduced us into her world.

Through her art, she expressed so many aspects of life. We appreciate that creating through songwriting is often a painful process, yet she worked through any such pain so that she could not only express herself in ways that she believed in, but also in ways that she hoped that we could relate. And relate, we did, as she connected with us through her music, performances, words and personality. She wrote of emotions that ranged from the philosophical to the lighthearted, and delivered her words in beautiful melodies that she crafted with a special type of artistic talent that the world rarely sees.

We understand that the music will indeed be the legacy that she leaves behind. However, we also acknowledge that in addition to losing an incredibly gifted musician, the world has also lost a beautiful soul. We, as fans, had the benefit of experiencing, firsthand, her generosity and kindness. Fans were regularly treated to her attention, authenticity, and affectionate, loving spirit.
She worked hard to give, and made the connections with her audience through her music strong and sincere. Her success, in that regard, will continue to be a driving force in our lives. This, too, is another aspect of her legacy.

Today, as we approach a month since her passing, we remain grief-stricken and shattered.
Words may still be hard to find, and pain unlikely to ease any time soon, but our deepest thoughts continue to go out to her family, children, relatives, as well as to her band mates.
With broken hearts of our own, we extend our sympathies to everyone who visits with us and want to let you know that we are grateful for your support as we all mourn, together.

We do recognise that Dolores left us with an incredible amount of treasures. From the music to the memories, we have all been forever changed by having had Dolores in our lives.
She had given us hope, and was considered by many of us a guiding light.
While we know that everything has changed now that she is no longer with us, we will do our best in continuing the work of Cranberries World, which we hope will honor her life and career, while pursuing to support Noel, Mike, and Fergal, whom we admire and respect greatly.

We appreciate the community that drives Cranberries World and would like to thank every of you for your participation in building this “Crancyclopedia” of ours, that will keep the memories alive.
For Dolores will forever live in our hearts.

The CW Team

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15 Responses to Somewhere in between here and heaven: CW’s Remembrance

  1. Marisol

    Thank you, guys. Like you all, It’s been so many years since I started following Planet Cranberries, then Zombieguide then this great website made with some dedication only fans can achieve. What you do makes me feel I’m not alone in this grieving. It’s so hard to believe she’s gone. Her death feels like a personal loss to me, beyond words, as it does to all of you, I’m sure. Thank you, Cranberriesworld, for still bringing us the latest of our still much beloved goddess and her bandmates.

  2. Muriel Bentz

    You beautifully expressed what many of us feel, sorrow, pain for Dolores untimely death but alto gratitude for what she gave us throughout our life, guidance to be ourselves and carry on whatever the cicumstances, wonderful concerts memories and or course her songs, her unique mesmerising voice and her kind and complex personnality.
    It’s been a month now, and it still hurts like hell…

    Thank you for keeping us informed, it matters and helps a lot.

    Muriel from Paris, France.

  3. Anka

    Still can’t find the words to say how I feel. Still it hurts so, so much… but thanks for that post.

  4. Billy

    God Bless of you for all you do!!

  5. Tipsy

    BEAUTIFUL LETTER GUYS. I am totally in sorrow and pain still after almost a monith but i really appreciated this letter and the work you have done. We lost our Dolores, this is incredibly sad and is very difficult to heal our heart.

  6. Simone Milesi

    Thank you guys, from the deep of my heart.

    Dolores was the reason why I started to be interested in music (which is the field I work in), when she passed away I felt like a part of myself died, every night I have to be in touch with her voice for a while (sometimes for hours…), trying to catch her and bring her back on the earth.
    The truth is different, and it is so hard to accept it. It will take a long time to believe that this beautiful soul is no more here, with us.
    We know her believes about death, and even if we believe or not in God, it’s nice to think that she is now in a better place.
    With her passing away she made a little miracle: she put together so many people, with so much love for her, for the music, for the true and beautiful things of life.

    Thank you to all of you at CW for sharing all the memories, the pictures and moreover the love for our Dolores.
    Your message touched my heart.

    With love,

    Simone, Italy

  7. Greg

    Very True, still at a loss as to how someone I never met, and in all likely hood would never meet, can affect me this much.( OK I know why) Still sad, but starting to see the light. Thanks for this site.

  8. H.


  9. leila VINIT

    je tiens à vous remercier pour l’amour que vous portez à dolores et son travail merveilleux mais surtout pour votre dévotion à faire vivre votre site et nous permettre de continuer la magie cranberries……fan depuis mes 14 ans c’est une perte immense pour moi car sa musique sa personnalité sa gentillesse était un soutien de tous les instants dans ma vie faite de hauts et de bas comme tout-un chacun.
    je n’arrive pas à imaginer une vie sans ne plus la voir sur scène……………je l’écoute tout les jours et sa voix envahie mon corps mon esprit, me fait pleurer mais sourire aussi….c’est comme une tendre caresse qui vous apporte de l’amour et du réconfort. Alors pour vous CW toute mon affection en ses moments difficiles pour tous les fans.
    Au plaisir de vous lire et surfer sur votre magnifique site.
    LEILA. France

  10. Hey guys it is Feb. 12 2018 and I am still feeling the pain… (Ridiculous Thoughts) randomly plays in my background. I followed The Cranberries since their first airplay. I was in high school and being a latino living “In The Ghetto” I found this cassette “EEIDISWCW” and took it home and had it on replay till the cassette got stuck inside the radio and I had to pull out the cassette rewind it and start again. Eventually bought a new one. Thoughout the years I have bought soooooo many Cranberries items that I have lost count. I have joined other forums as Zombieguide and a few others. I had the chance to see them at least 2-3 times but had the honor to see Dolores in her “Are You Listening” tour here in Philadelphia P.A. (USA) and she grabbed my hand during Linger and held it for 2 minutes. There is footage as well as me having pictures of the event and that day I have met Alex former owner of Zombieguide. I know his heart must be torn out about this even tho things went sour for the two. However to date Dolores has impacted my life emotionally, psychically, and mentally. My kids had become a staple in her life who are now in college and were too devastated about the news. I am sorry if this seems long but I have nowhere else to vent about my feelings on her untimely demise. I thought I would die before her and they would play her songs at my grave during my birthday as requested, however it seems I will continue listening to an iconic ghost that left me here with nothing to look forward too. If she only knew how passionate and emotional this would have on us I know she would have done better. However again, I love you Dolly, you will still be playing everyday on in my music, heart & soul till the day I die and I can touch you once again in your love…. One of many “Greatest Fans” Santos Cordell Hernandez… R.I.P. I know I didn’t mean much to you, but you meant the WORLD to ME…

    Thanx to everyone who feels the emotion I have been feeling, it has been very hard for me (us) in this moment and sadly this event had brought us closer towards the Cranberries and their fans as I. Thanks again everyone especially this site for letting me vent out and feeling what I have felt… I love you guys believe it or not for being here in this emotional need. Hopefully we can get through this together as Dolly would have wanted us too. Can’t wait for her upcoming material as I am still listening to the other albums, YES DOLORES, I AM LISTENING.

  11. Ernest Loeki & Melany The Netherlands

    Beautiful Done CW team! I’m so thankful we all fans could share our feelings , sorrow and pain. We could follow her Funeral Mass via Limerick 95 FM thanks to them also! I’ve been married exactly 2 weeks after her death with my Melany. I met her by Dolores/ Cranberries at Zombieguide forums in 2006, so we’re so thankful to the Cranberries / Dolores. ”Zombie” is our basic song but we love and listen all cranberries , Dolores solo albums , and will stay listen to the Angel Goddess of Heaven. On our Wedding day we played everything of The Cranberries / Dolores solo. Her soul feels alive when I hear her voice again. All these 4 weeks EVERYDAY I need to hear her voice.
    And indeed as you write on the concerts and in videos Dolores brought new hope again.
    We’ll miss her so much but her music will give us hope again in our lives.
    Love to heaven , to Dolores and to all cranberries/Dolores fans here on earth!

  12. Van

    Every time I think of Dolores since the news of her death, it never fails to give my heart a slow heavy squeeze and a lump in my throat. Despite being someone I did not personally know, I feel such a loss, care and despair for her– not just as an artist but as a person, warts and all. Thanks to the CW team and other supporters for being here together to share this sadness and, more importantly, celebrate her.

    Thanks to Noel, Ferg and Mike for being part of the gift that allowed Dolores’ voice to soar. Without her or without you three, the world would have been a bit dimmer and less authentic without the music you four created together. I sincerely hope you guys find further success in your music journey, and we remain here to support you.

  13. lipecran

    Your words express exactly the fan’s feeling since that shadow day. Is very very hard to find it, but you done with mastery. Thank You so much!

    Best from Brasil,


  14. Paul

    Yes, this is a tragic loss. Her music has accompanied me through my darkest moments. I will always be listening to the song “dreams” whenever I wanted to revisit the sense of true joy I had during the 90s. What a singer, what a musician, what an artist, whose talent is of no equal, and unfortunately left us a little too soon. A beautiful soul, a voice of a generation, a great individual – Dolores. Paul Lim WX. (SG)


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