Old treasures to surface thanks to 90s Limerick fan Alan Martin

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Hey everyone,
As some of our team members were travelling to Limerick this week to pay respect at Caherelly graveyard, a month after this still terribly painful loss, we were invited by a 1990s Limerick fan to discover his very unique collection of rarely seen press clippings, videos, concert recordings and other memorabilia dating from the band’s early days.

Alan is willing to share these treasures with the worldwide community, with our help. Therefore, we took pictures of approx 300 old articles, local newspapers, reviews, flyers, posters and magazine ads of early gigs that were performed by the band as they were still called The Cranberry Saw Us or The Cranberry’s. Some of these pictures are photos that none of us have ever seen before.

A small glimpse of Alan’s collection:


We have also digitalized two recordings that he made himself from an October 3rd 1991 concert that the band played at The Parkway in Limerick as well as another one from April 15th 1993 at The 2 Mile Inn still in Limerick. Our goal is to make them available online in the upcoming days/weeks for everyone to enjoy. These bootlegs feature precious rarities such as “Iosa”, “Serious” and an alternative lyrics version of “Zombie”.

The Parkway 1991 mastertape

2 Mile Inn 1993 mastertape

As you may imagine, this is going to be a long process for us to sort and upload all this online. We’ll be starting doing so asap but please keep in mind it will likely be a matter of months before the last items can be posted on our website.

Last but not least, to our biggest honor, Alan invited us to watch the full “Uncertain” videoclip that he had recorded on VHS, as well as a rarely seen 1994 Top Of The Pops performance of “Dreams”, and a very exclusive interview of Dolores and Fergal on RTE given on December 19th 1993.
Alan will be working on digitalizing these video recordings in the upcoming weeks/months for everyone’s pleasure.

Full “Uncertain” video – 2:44

Please bear with all of us, as this is all worth the wait.

As for you, dear Alan, we’ll forever be grateful for your contacting us and sharing these special masterpieces with the fan community. You’re very special to be willing to share such a rare and personal, private collection with all of us and on behalf of the entire fan community, we wish to express our deepest appreciation for your generosity.

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15 Responses to Old treasures to surface thanks to 90s Limerick fan Alan Martin

  1. Mark Blair

    Thank you Alan for sharing your amazing archive of stuff! Looking forward to
    hearing these treasures!

  2. Van

    Much thanks and love to Alan and the CW Team.

  3. Melvin Bashans

    Wow, tyvm for sharing!!!

  4. Anka

    Real treasure. I love that lat photo <3

  5. Nik

    You did a great job, Alan!

  6. Nik

    I’d also like you to add that your efforts are much appreciated by Russian fans, especially those who’ve been following Dolores and the band since early to mid-1990s. Thank SO much, guys.

  7. Nik

    *thank YOU, excuse me for the 2 typos.

  8. Laurie Bolton


  9. Anonymous

    Un grand MERCI et on sera patient 😉

  10. lipecran

    Just can’t waaait!!!

    Thank you, guys!


  11. Tipsy


  12. Dmitry

    Спасибо Alan!!! Great!!!

  13. alexverveboy

    Thanks to Alan for share and the team of Cranberries World!=D

  14. viktor

    thank u friend beautiful gift


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