Cranberries Italia invites fans to support the Learning Hub Limerick in memory of Dolores

March 25, 2018  |  3 Comments  |  by Webmaster  |  Dolores O'Riordan

Our friends from the Italian fan community of The Cranberries are calling out for fans to honour Dolores O’ Riordan by supporting a cause dear to heart.

Indeed, Cranberries Italia is uniting with the organisation Learning Hub Limerick that provides a safe, welcoming and stimulating learning environment for youngsters to reach their full potential. The organisation works with local providers of educational services, families and young people to develop high-level resolutions in responses to situations of educational disadvantage and school drop-out.

As we know, Dolores has shown on more than one occasion how children mattered to her, emphasising the reality in war zones, speaking of children suffering and sickness or environmental injustices.

Cranberries Italia is thus encouraging fans to leave a trace in Dolores city, as a symbol of our passion for her art and generous personality, by supporting the young musical talents of Limerick.
They are raising funds on the below link, which will be running up to June 20th, in order to help Learning Hub Limerick to finance, over the summer, an instructive musical program for the children with a series of songwriting workshops:

The Cranberries World team is happy to support this initiative and encourages everyone to get involved.
Check Cranberries Italia page for more information.

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3 Responses to Cranberries Italia invites fans to support the Learning Hub Limerick in memory of Dolores

  1. Nik

    Support those with severe illnesses, those dying or being killed.
    NOT things that are ‘fun’ (using the word from the featured video), where incentives are unnessary and positively redundant.
    Creativity does not need such actions.
    True creativity is like a self-rolling wheel, as Nietzsche once put it.
    It’s hypocrisy. It’s capitalizing on Dolores’ demise. IMHO.

  2. Philip

    Whilst I understand and respect your point of view Nik, I disagree with the sentiment. Creativity and art have the power to heal, connect and unite people in a universal language. I think this gesture is wonderful and I fully support it. Bravo Cranberriesitalia.

  3. Nik

    Phiilp, there’s no doubt that creativity and art have the power to heal, connect and unite people. as you have written. But it’s slightly off the point. I like Italy and Italians, and I know how Catholics esteem Dolores, so I tend to think this initiative is just a mistake. Not very big, thank God.
    P.S. Help the poor and those suffering (starved, severely ill…), in Dolores’ name, and first of all children and teens, to survive and live through dark times, that’s the cause I would propose instead.


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