Limerick official book of condolence presented to Dolores O’ Riordan’s family

March 29, 2018  |  4 Comments  |  by Webmaster  |  Dolores O'Riordan

The Limerick Leader reports this morning that official book of condolence signed by 16,000 persons was presented to the Dolores family yesterday in Limerick.

    Mayor Stephen Keary with family members – Photos: Adrian Butler

Dolores’ mother, Eileen, joined by Dolores’ brothers, Terry, Joe, and Donal with his wife Stephanie, and Dolores’ niece Katie, told the newspaper:

“I feel so happy that the people of Limerick were so good, and from all over Ireland and the world. I can’t believe the reaction from everybody, the love that poured out, and the support from everybody”

She also commented:

“Getting this book is another step forward. It’s hard, but it’s another step in moving on. I can’t believe that all those names are there, all those people. It’s at home I’ll be thinking of it. And I will read every one of them in my own time”


“I read some of the letters, and everyone says how she helped them through the dark moments in their lives. I really feel she’s happy now. I go to her grave, but I don’t find anything there. I feel that her spirit is around all the time. She was that type of person anyway, she would come into the room, even as a child, and she would grab the attention.”

Mayor Stephen Keary explained this was the biggest book of condolence that was ever presented by the authority.

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4 Responses to Limerick official book of condolence presented to Dolores O’ Riordan’s family

  1. Mario

    …Be proud of Her , because we (fans) are! She helped me in the first part of my life and I

    won’t forget Dolores O’RIORDAN never in the rest of my life!

    thank you from Italy.

  2. Mathias Scheel

    Hope your soul will find her peace and freedom.
    I will miss you dear Dolores. Silent greetings to you.

    Mathias Scheel from Berlin

  3. Mike Sniadecki

    Amazing shows how much the world loves her and hope she is up there in peace Dolores we will forever love you! Voice like no other! Bless your family they are truly very nice and opened up their hearts to fans all over the world.
    Thank you Dolores and thank you for the gift you have left something for us to remember you by!

  4. jenny enser

    such a wonderful woman beautiful I listened to her music so sorry 4 ur loss


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