Everybody Else’s 25th anniversary album likely to be released mid September

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As the May Bank Holiday weekend is getting closer, Todayfm published an audio interview of Noel Hogan last Monday, ahead of the talk he his to give with Stephen Street at VINYL festival in Dublin this Saturday.
Quite a moving interview, as this is the first time we hear one of the boys since Dolores’ passing.

Noel indeed chats to Muireann O’Connell, pleasantly coming back on the early days memories.

Asked about the 25th anniversary edition of “Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We?”, Noel says the album should now be released around mid September!

As for The Cranberries new album due for release in 2019, Noel says there are still 3 weeks of recording coming in London, where the band has been for 2 weeks already.
He explains the album will be a combination of some tracks he had started writing with Dolores last summer, with some others she had already written herself before.
The lads are thus turning these demos on laptop into proper Cranberries song as they feel these tracks can make a “strong enough album” and that this is “what Dolores would have wanted“.

Again, our team is sending them all our support as this must obviously not be easy.

It’s great to know they are surrounded by the “original team” from the early days to do this all together.

We love you guys!

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4 Responses to Everybody Else’s 25th anniversary album likely to be released mid September

  1. Emerald

    What we will never know is that in studio S.Street and Noel might take aside some tracks that maybe WE fans would love to listen anyway….because are incomplte or just demos ;-( what beautiful thing would have been being the studio with the 5th cranberries Street but i fear those kind of demos we will nver listen but we hopefully will listen finished tracks.

    i dream something like at least 14 tracks….whos knowszzz

    • Reggie

      I’ll be surprised if there’ll be that many tracks, but who knows?

      My guess is that Noel will probably want to save some material for a boxset (likely in 2020) which would celebrate the group’s 30th anniversary. Noel has said in the past that this was also a big project that he and Dolores were in the preliminary stages of working on when she passed.

      In addition to the 25th anniversary release of “Everybody” in September, I do hope they do the same for the 25th of “No Need To Argue” next September since this is their most successful album commercially – and this would come In addition to the new album next year. It looks like 2019 could be a solid year for the fans!

      I’d also like to see them finally release “Live In Paris” in HD (it’s currently out of print on DVD) on Blu-ray with a Dolby Atmos track and an audio commentary by some or all of the lads. Heck, the Talking heads did a commentary track for “Stop Making Sense,” so doing a commentary track for this should be a no-brainer. It would also be nice to add some songs as bonus material that were performed on the Bury the Hatchet Tour that weren’t perform at the Paris concert. This concert is currently on Youtube, but the quality is not very good. I think fans would love to own a nice edition of this concert, one that I’m told the band was very fond of and worked to make perfect.

  2. Reggie

    I seriously hope they go full throttle with this release.
    We need something more than just another release of the complete sessions with just a few extra songs. I would like to see a lavish boxset in the same vein of the one U2 released for the Joshua Tree’s 30th anniversary last year:


    Like U2 did, have the lavish boxset with four discs of material (3 cd’s and one Blu-ray) and a nice hardback book of photos from the period with nicely designed photo inserts or Lithographs. Have Dave Fanning (or someone of his ilk) write the liner notes and biography for the book. With physical media sales in the toilet, this release has to be something special and should also be widely promoted by the band and record company. My dream is to have the original album/complete sessions on disc 1. Have the Dave Fanning sessions, alternate takes and the other rare songs already mentioned here on disc 2. Have early live performances on disc 3. The 4th disc should be on a Blu-ray disc and should contain a multi-channel 24/96 mix of the original album and maybe a new short documentary (20-30 minutes) on the making of the album and its impact. To top things off, add the music videos which were made for the album during the period: The 3 versions of Dreams, Uncertain and Linger. The audio/video quality should/must exceed the stuff on YouTube (especially for Uncertain and the first Dreams video, both of which could look much better).
    This has to be an experience you can’t get from digital down-loads and YouTube.
    For those who don’t want to spend the money for the lavish 4-disc set, release a scaled-down two disc version on CD – again, like U2 did last year for the Joshua Tree in addition to the big set.
    Naturally, make the set available on vinyl as well.
    I do hope Noel, Mike & Ferg are indeed reading this!

    • Emerald

      They are reading as always did, but i don’t think they will agree on some comments because the label has the last word on it….we
      have to hope to get as much unreleased material we possibily can…


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