Update on The Cranberries’ upcoming album recording

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A month after The Cranberries have started recording their new album for which Dolores had already recorded vocals, it seems the band is currently putting the finishing touches and it should now be a matter of days before they’re done with this new record.

The recordings started on April 16th at Kore Studios, in London, where the band worked until May 4th.
Studio pics during this session interestingly show the use of a bass clarinet.

After a week break, the band came back one last time at Kore Studios on May 14th to add strings, and then moved on the following day to Stephen Street’s Bunker studio in the 13 studios complex in West London.

There, they were joined for a couple of days by Johanna Wiseley (Cranitch) who fans are familiar with as she’s been working with the band as backing singer/keyboard player on tour since 2012.

Johanna posted a photo on Instagram yesterday, stating that she had finished putting the backing vocals down, and confirmed on the occasion that this album should unsurprisingly be the “final” album.

Although listening to this record will be very difficult for most of us, fans, we’re feeling very thankful to the band and their crew who are devoting themselves to giving life to Dolores’ last tracks, as they feel this is “what [She] would have wanted“.

All pictures below were posted on The Cranberries Instagram account and were taken at Kore Studios in London between April 18th and May 4th:

(click for larger view)

Strings on May 14th at Kore Studios:

All photos below were posted on The Cranberries Instagram account as well and were taken at The Bunker in London on May 15th & 16th:

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7 Responses to Update on The Cranberries’ upcoming album recording

  1. Jenfycran

    Sure this will be the final STUDIO album but let’s hope this won’t be the final Cranberries album. I’m expecting more anniversary boxsets and live recordings in the coming years. Even blu ray videos (who said Beneath the Skin reissue…) Wouldn’t it be great !

    • Reggie

      I agree Jen!

      I too expect to see an elaborate deluxe 25th anniversary release of “No Need To Argue” late next year in the same vein as the “Everybody Else” deluxe edition coming this September. If so, next year will be a good year for the fans once we figure we’ll also be getting the final studio album early next year. I too would like to see Live in Paris finally given a Blu-ray release with a Dolby Atmos track and some clips of other songs (not performed in Paris) performed on the same tour in other cities. An audio commentary would be great, but I doubt they’ll do one – eventhough the Talking Heads did do one for their “Stop Making Sense” release. I know Noel mentioned that he and Dolores had been going through their rare material for a 30th anniversary boxset, so hopefully we can see this realized in 2020. They also need a feature-length Documentary. If Amy Winehouse and Oasis can get one, so can The Cranberries – it’s a story well worth telling. It would be great if the lads asked the great Irish filmmaker Neil Jordan to produce/direct it. Jordan, incidentally wrote a very powerful tweet about Dolores’ passing and you can tell he was very saddened by the loss.

  2. viktor

    for me they are going to form another new band, i’m sure

    • Reggie

      I think the lads will continue on with other musical endeavors. I believe that Noel had already been working with his own band outside of the Cranberries. If he decides to do something with his brother and Ferg, it’ll likely be a new band (as you stated) with an entirely different sound with one or two new members ( much like what Joy Division did after Ian Curtis passed away). It won’t be The Cranberries but something different and something I’ll definitely keep an eye out for!

  3. Still killing me that she is gone. To hear her again in something new will be utterly painful. However it’s a closure us Cranfans deserve. 25 years fan here, we lost an iconic Goddess… smh

  4. Mike Sniadecki

    Awe amazing just hope there will be more reissues and maybe more DVD’s and Blu Rays maybe MTV Unplugged to see the light of day an official release would be amazing and of maybe a compilation of TV performances possibly! She is definitely missed and I will treasure this album Thank you guys makes me wanna cry

  5. Nik

    I think the chitchat about a possible continuation of the band that can be heard or read here and there these days are pure nonsense. The people must not quite understand that there are a lot, tens of thousands of musicians like Noel and Co. or better (e.g., more skillful etc.) ones in the world; while Dolores was totally one-of-a-kind. You should face the fact: with her demise The Cranberries did cease to exist. Whatever creative acts the guys may or may not undertake now will not have any relation to The Cranberrries in the grand scheme of things.


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