Dolores O’Riordan inquest: live updates on Sky News

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Sky News is live from London where an inquest is being held, you can follow the updates on this link or on the below post.

10:45 AM Setting up now at Westminster Coroner’s Court ahead of the start of the inquest.

10:50 The coroner is Dr Shirley Radclffe, and the first witness we will hear from will be Stephen Earl, who will give identification and background

11:07 Dr Earl’s report will be via documentation, he will not be in court

11:08 The mother, brother and sister-in-law of Dolores O’Riordan are in the Coroner’s Court today to hear the coroner’s findings

11:09 We will later hear a report from O’Riordan’s American psychiatrist

11:10 O’Riordan was found in room 2005 in the Hilton hotel on Park Lane, London, on 15 January.

11:13 As well as a musical star O’Riordan is described as a ‘loyal daughter’ and ‘dedicated & loving mother’

11:15 After checking in to the hotel, O’Riordan is described as accessing the mini-bar in her room and calling her mother at around 3am

11:16 O’Riordan is described as being found ‘submerged face up in the bath dressed in her pyjamas

11:17 We will now hear from PC Natalie Smart live in the court

11:18 Hotel manager had contacted the police and took PC Smart up to the room

11:19 A maid discovery O’Riordan’s body on entering the room

11:20 When police arrived O’Riordan’s nose & mouth were completely submerged in the bathwater

11:20 O’Riordan was dressed in pyjamas and a long sleeved vest

11:21 Five miniature bottles of spirits were found in O’Riordan’s room, a 35cl mini bottle of Champagne and the packaging for a quantity of medication.

11:21 A packet of cigarettes had also been smoked

11:23 A report from psychiatrist Dr Hirschfield – O’Riordan’s US psychiatrist- she had stopped drinking and seemed to be doing well, although he said she had felt a little low over Christmas

11:25 O’Riordan is described as being on a selection of prescription drugs taken for bipolar disorder

11:26 Toxicology report showed she was 4 times over legal driving limit when found

11:27 We now hear live from Dr Seamus O Ceallaigh, O’Riordan’s psychiatrist in Ireland

11:29 Dr Ceallaigh says he believes she had ‘an episode of mania or elevated mood’

11:29 No note was found in the hotel room

11:31 Back in 2017, at a time of stress, after drinking excessively, O’Riordan had begun a suicide note but then lapsed into unconsciousness.

11:32 Dr Ceallaigh saw her 1 week before her death. She was due to shortly return to New York.

11:33 He says she had maintained sobriety over long periods, but he recognised her use of alcohol as a high risk factor.

11:34 There was no evidence O’Riordan had taken any drugs, other than her prescribed medication. However she had drunk excessive amounts of alcohol.

11:37 The coroner describes O’Riordan as looking forward to the future, both her music and seeing her children in Canada

11:38 Cause of death: drowning due to alcohol intoxication

11:39 Verdict recorded: accidental

11:42 The coroner offers her condolences to the family, and concludes the court session.

11:44 The family of Dolores O’Riordan leave court.

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21 Responses to Dolores O’Riordan inquest: live updates on Sky News

  1. Sander

    Anyone else find it a bit off putting this is being done on her birthday? ……….

    • Van

      A day or two later or earlier would have made a world of difference. Disrespectful.

      This leaves some questions, but how will it matter anyway… I hope her kids find some closure with it.

      You are remembered and cherished especially today, Dolores.

  2. Richard

    I hope her family sues the pants off the news outlet that said street fentanyl was found in her room.

    Again, sending my deepest condolances to Dolores’s family, friends, and everyone she touched through her music.

  3. Maaike

    This is really shocking, I think. And most of us were already thinking it was an accidental Fentanyl overdose. My heart goes out to her mother, children, family, friends, Noel, Mike and Fergal of The Cranberries.

    Rest in peace, dear Dolores.

  4. Jack

    Sounds like she was at a very low point and couldn’t pull out of it. Gutting. RIP Dolores, thanks for the music and we will always miss you.

  5. Mat

    They killed her a second time today… Dont know why it was necessary to made an official inquest…

    Her war is over, now she is free… “go deo”… Every one of us has own memories, feelings, an own way to mourn… But Dolly would say “It’s over. Don’t waste your time… go forward!” That’s what I do now…

    Farewell my friend, we will see us… somewhere in between of here and heaven.

  6. Sören

    Especially sad because she seemd to be in a good mood just a few ours before this happened (her last voice mail).

    So heartbreacking, I could cry.

  7. I call bullshit on this whole concept… They took our baby R.I.P. Mami fuck the world you were too good for it anyways….

  8. Billy

    Rest in Peace Sweet Angel

  9. Emerald

    What i don’t get is why she was taking a bath with pijyamas ….

  10. Lime

    That’s a weird detail. I think maybe they included it out of decency for the family.

  11. Sören

    She sounded clear and in a good mood in that last voice mail. So why did she drank so much alcolol just a few hours later, knowing that she had to record the next day? She called her mother at 3am? Must be an important reason for calling that late at night.

    We will never know what happened in her last hours and we have to llive with it.

  12. Brian

    Perhaps this day was chosen by the family as a gift to her, vindication from the OD and suicide speculation. Can’t imagine they weren’t OK with today being that day. I’m a (60 year old) very recent fan, completely missing their rise.
    Rest easy child…..

  13. Maria

    Bipolar disorder (BPD) is a horrible disease – my mother had BPD, and I feared developing it myself in my 20s, after watching her suffer so horribly and seeing what it did to our family. She threw herself down a flight of stairs once, when manic; she threatened to commit suicide all the time, and was at highest risk when manic, because in the grips of depression she couldn’t stir herself to do anything. Many folks living with BPD self-medicate with alcohol before they receive an official diagnosis or are prescribed appropriate medications. Some develop the disease of alcoholism on top of their BDP during those years of self-medication. These combined “dual diagnoses” make for a very challenging life. I really feel for her, how tormented she must have been in those final hours, to get that intoxicated. And I feel for her family, especially her kids.

  14. Anne Lanute

    Yes the world lost a fierce, commanding, talented artist, but that pales in comparison when you realize that someone lost their mother, their daughter, their friend… God be with you in Heaven, Dolores…sing to the angels for us.

  15. billy

    why she was in her pajamas in the bathtube i still can’t understand


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