Dreams Fest – 3 days to go!

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There are three days left before the community of Bruff, co Limerick, gathers to celebrate Dolores’ birthday and life.

As seen on their Facebook page, the town is getting ready for the celebrations.

Banners can be seen all around the town.

Measurements have been taken on the bench on which Dolores and her mother sat to answer Barry Egan’s questions in April 2014, we can thus expect the plaque featuring the park’s new name (“Dolores O’Riordan Park”) to be fixed onto the bench.

The “Bruff Tidy Town” team is doing an amazing job for the town to be ready to welcome the event.

Derry’s Piano bar, that will host some of the gigs, now features a quite moving painting of Dolores.

The festival is a free event – people attending will be invited to make donations to Limerick Suicide Watch, who will be promoting positive Mental Health on site.

In addition to unveiling the new name of the Morning Star Park, the opening ceremony will be featuring some green balloons, as a homage to the When You’re Gone music video.

Stay tuned to know more about the festival, which has already announced that the concerts will be live streamed for fans abroad to follow the celebrations!

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