Noel Hogan’s new project with YouTuber Mell Peck

January 1, 2022  |  10 Comments  |  by Webmaster  |  Noel Hogan

On this first day of the year, Noel Hogan is launching a preview of his new project with Brazilian YouTuber Mell Peck, who is notably used to sharing Cranberries covers on the Internet, and took part in The Voice Brasil blind auditions in 2012. This first track is available both in English (With Keys) and Portuguese (Com Chaves).

Sources:, YouTube (Noel Hogan), YouTube (Mell Peck), Soundcloud (Noel Hogan)

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10 Responses to Noel Hogan’s new project with YouTuber Mell Peck

  1. Yorkshire Cranberry

    So now Noel is doing songs with a Dolores impersonator? And a shit Dolores impersonator too. What an insult to Dolores. He’s flushing the Cranberries legacy down the toilet. Do something better with your talent Noel, because this is an insult to Dolores, to her memory, to the Cranberries legacy and to the fans who have been loyal to you. As a fan since 1992, I feel like you just shit on us from a great height

  2. Irish Dee

    Noel should really think about where he’s going with this. Is this really what he wants to do? Be part of a Cranberries cover band with this woman who is a pale imitation of Dolores? Or will this Dolores impersonator be joining The Cranberries and be the new singer? The thought makes me want to throw up.

  3. Sue S

    I’ve thought for a while that Noel had no idea how the fans feel, this just confirms it. Why do a song with someone who tries to sound like Dolores, who does Cranberries covers on youtube? I’m sure there are other singers who would love to work with him, ones who aren’t trying to be Dolores. Can’t he see how this looks? It’s like he’s trying to replace Dolores, and that is impossible, she can’t be replaced and it hurts that he cares so little about the fans feelings, those who are still struggling over losing Dolores.

  4. Water Circle

    The question is : what is to come exactly?
    The band made it clear in previous interviews that The Cranberries are over, so this collaboration with a Cranberries cover singer can’t mean they’ll replace Dolores, can it?
    That being said it looks like Mell Peck is heavily followed on youtube and looking at her instagram account she counts followers such as Mike Hogan, or several members of Dolores family (interestingly not the case of Bronagh Gallagher or Lyra with whom Noel worked for instance)… but choosing January to tease new Cranberries music with a new singer would be such lack of taste I don’t want to believe in this.
    « There are wounds that we shouldn’t touch » indeed, poor Dolores will be turning in her grave if this happens.

  5. Magister

    For me Noel is always looking for female voices similar to Dolores. If you remeber his previous works with female singer, some have a very similar timbre to Dolores, as if he were looking for that kind of voice mah…

    I hope the band does not return with another voice us happened with Nightwish.

    Also because Noel said that Cranberries cannot exist without Dolores, let’s hope you won’t go back on the word…

    • Xaby

      If it is true what you say that a long time ago the singer Kate Havnevik collaborated in her project Mono Band on her song ‘Crazy’ that could well be sung by Dolores and that she remembers so much on that track. Where the Cranberries sound stands out is in ‘Crybaby’ with Bronagh Gallagher that the type of voice is totally different. I think the controversy is with Mell Peck because although for now (and I hope it will continue to be so) it is a parallel project, she comes from a talent show program and imitating Cranberries covers, her voice may have a lot of technique but precisely because of intention I don’t think of Dolores as a singular singer. “With Keys” does not sound like a Noel song in the sense disjointed to Cranberries as Dolores O’Riordan never dissociated from the Cranberries sound with ‘Are you listening’ and ‘No Baggage’ sounded like Cranberries. I mean by this that it is very difficult to create music from a place other than the one that you have insisted on for 32 years and that is part of your essence. And that’s why “With Keys” could be a perfectly in the pipeline song that Dolores O’Riordan could have sung. I think it was a very easy and vague choice and I would bet it was pretentious. Noel Hogan I imagine that being consistent he will have given the same reaction of the followers. What has always been clear is that she is very faithful not to mix her solo projects with those of the Cranberries, in fact it was only Dolores and it is understood by being the singer and by aborting her tour of ‘No Baggage’ who on the tour of Reunion 2010 included on the Cranberries set, her solo songs like ‘Ordinary Day’, ‘Switch Off The Moment’, ‘Lunatic’ and ‘The Journey’.
      So on that side I hope that Mell Peck does not include it in anything that has to do with Cranberries directly and if they do they should start the band with another name not with The Cranberries.

    • Magister

      I share your thoughts, in fact it is normal that the song “With Keys” sounds a lot Cranberries since he was co-author of the songs. I just don’t like this collaboration also, because Mell Peck tends to imitate Dolores, in addition the voice, also in movements and facial expressions.
      I’m just afraid Noel and the other two Cranberries don’t really want replace Dolores.
      Better as suggested by James, they create another group with new songs and don’t use any of the Cranberries, at least that’s my thinking.

      PS= Sorry for my poor english, i’m using google translate (I’m Italian fan)

  6. james

    didn’t like it
    too much dolores-esque for me
    noel wants to replace dolores, he better ask dakota instead
    too soon anyway

  7. Mike Sniadecki

    I don’t think Noel is trying to replace Dolores at all folks! She just has a voice that is very similar to Dolores in some ways. Remember the cranberries won’t be together again, this a completely different project.


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