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January 15, 2023  |  13 Comments  |  by Webmaster  |  Dolores O'Riordan

Dear Dolores,

Five years, five years and what a long and difficult journey grief has carried us on, full of pain, of sorrow and of emptiness since we, fans who connected with your music and soul, have lost a part of ourselves along with you on that January 2018 night.

In addition to processing your loss, we have had to learn to go our own ways again, develop a new self identity, without you and your music to hold on to, which is something many of us still work on daily.

Five years later though, as we begin to move on, we can obviously say that there is no turning the page, no new chapter in our life as you, your art and legacy will continue to brighten our days and impact our future as a guiding light.

« It’s you », you are and will forever be part of our life, and your memory will live on in every one of our hearts.

We love you Dolores, eternally.

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13 Responses to 5 years

  1. Anna

    We miss you, Dolores. We will forever love your music. Thanks for everything that you gave us. You live on with it and it our thoughts and heart.

  2. Guilherme

    Half a decade has passed and I still can’t process your departure. That’s literally as written above. Trying to develop a new identity, a new myself. A daily hard work. Hope I’ll be successful one day. Missing you forever. Much love, Dolores.

  3. Xaby

    Five years and five months ago I was sitting near her grave, it is hard to believe even today that she is not alive. I have always had two theories, the official and the hidden, but with all due respect and my good intentions that one day it will become clear what really happened on the night of Sunday the 14th in that hotel, and I am still searching for the truth even though I feel it alive in Somewhere in this world, towards the world, towards us, it is not alive. Both his family and friends from the Cranberries band do not have to be aware of what I am going to ask them and I leave the question open. If we could see beyond what her death has unfortunately brought and will bring and realize what record company strategies are on the surface. I do not put my hand in the fire of heartfelt intentions when there is money behind it and because Dolores was not going to be less if they have already done it with Michael Jackson, Kurt Cobain… ‘Underwater’ by D.A.R.K speaks premonitorily 3 years before the sad denouement and ‘All Over Now’ shamelessly mentions the night at the Hotel de Londres in its lyrics, chance? The truth Dolores between January 15 and 18 of that month in 2018 had very important appointments in London for what the webmaster who is in charge of Dolores’s website now writes. I cannot repeat, accuse, but, from the most pyramidal point of view, I do not respect his life and now for five years his death neither, I may be delusional and hopefully, as crazy as I may seem, putting this matter on the table may be wrong, but I think they took her life, in other words they killed her, it is very easy to have so identified the vulnerabilities of a singer and use it as a motive, committing suicide with intention or accidental overdose, she paid the price, she always denounced and spoke of very tricky themes in many songs, he always had the courage to do it….
    That each one draw the conclusions from her, the pity and great sadness of all this is that she will never come back and we will never stop missing her, her music and her voice are always and will be in our hearts.

  4. G

    It is probable that she was murdered. Bathtub deaths seem to happen only to celebrities and and in the hotel room on top of that. For the music industry vampires she is more valuable and safer asset as a dead person. I hope I’m wrong and this is crazy conspiratorial way of thinking. Rest in peace Dolores, your music is immortal.

    • Xaby

      Totally, I don’t like that hypothesis but I can’t avoid the more than conspiracy, evidence that she revealed herself and the program (mk ultra) failed when she had the Shannon incident, even though she was a millionaire she never wanted to become Bono or Madonna, She was very pure and her music was not about selling but about denouncing and that is what she did since she crossed that wall of difficult return that led to the success of ‘Zombie’, her message and subsequent fame. Being successful in the United States makes you a slave and if you submit to the extra-discographic universe that MTV supposes and all her interviews sought to extract information from her and write down all possible vulnerabilities, taking into account that she was a very successful singer and that under the vampirism that these types of programs promote and wash their hands of saying that it’s all the fans want to know, in the end it’s a trap.
      Dolores probably already knew it in 1996 when she was asking for help and having married an ex-manager from the world of music does not make things easier, that was demonstrated when she woke up in 2014 and wanted to start her life from scratch with a new partner and everything that that entailed was always with their children. That she was diagnosed with bipolarity, for her of course it was real and very hard but for the industry it is a candy. As has already happened with Sinead O’Connor, the latter revealed herself several times but she succumbed to an alter ego that was Shuhadda Davitt and the jihad. If you don’t join them or the game in some way, they take you out of the way, and the shocking thing is that just when his life was coming back to light and the worst was over, as happened with Amy Winehouse, Kurt Cobain or recently Taylor Hawkins. Everything is strange and the interventions of the record companies seem more like mafias than anything else. I don’t trust the advisers of Cranberries or Noel Hogan or Bad Wolves, in short there is a catch. The forensic tests did not clarify anything, only to deny that it was a suicide and that it was accidental, but the Fentanyl that the cleaning staff found and taking into account that today you can be killed from a distance with a tasser and set the perfect scene of that if Dolores was depressive, her death because of herself was very convincing. When I say that I feel her alive somewhere, it’s because in the last few years since she was arrested in 2014 and she went through a psychiatric exam, it was as if they had changed her for another, it’s very crazy but it didn’t seem like her from 2014 to date of her death Her face, her voice, there were moments that yes, but you did not recognize her, but being in the cemetery I had no doubt, that in the same way, she is dead and that is the most shocking, cruel and sad thing. That people who, in addition to her, as Lady Di was also, just wanted to be happy and live a life in peace without spotlights, being themselves, authentic, angels on Earth and now in heaven, I hope there is divine justice for those who directly or indirectly killed her. We will always carry you in our hearts Dolores,

  5. james

    Could you guys just stop all the ridiculous conspiracy theories. This is not exactly the day to do it, and definitely not in this post where fans are trying to remember her.

    • Xaby

      totally today neither yesterday nor any day is the day, I only expose what it costs to dare to debate, but fans are many and different can be removed, I also care about Dolores I think that even beyond her music and precisely the story unfortunately with his death has not been closed. sorry if i offended

  6. Sören

    James is right! We really don´t need stupid conspiracy theories.

  7. Xaby

    I do not judge the opinions of others and what it shows is very little reading, a little humility is really lacking when in reality I am being delicate with a subject that almost no one can bear to raise, it gives you the feeling that it seems that it is the reality that I like think, I think no one, but far from conspiring in most of what I talk about, there is strange evidence. What I do realize is that this is not a fight between us, it is that each one of us feels the death of Dolores in a different way and the fact that it renews me in this way makes me want to go to that night to save her. Whatever the end, whatever the cause, Dolores left us. You will buy her next records, you will go see her like Whitney in a hologram if that happens and endlessly… I think that Dolores was not just a singer, she was a person and I’m tired of so much hypocrisy and I don’t really like being anymore nobody’s fan because precisely there is a lot of blindness and deafness. I had to clarify it, if there are comments that you don’t like, not reading them is enough, but I ask for the same respect and delicacy that you demand, in the end it’s not about reason or facing each other, it’s about being able to express freely and I think I I have previously apologized. Thank you peace and love.

    • Nicholas

      As much as I’m willing to avoid adding to the indelicacy of raising such theories here and on that day, all I see there is a reminder that people are still struggling with the acceptance of Dolores loss
      It is sad that some find confort in denial of the incredibly strong person she was, despite of her difficulties, giving also much too importance to an industry she well knew, denounced in the past and therefore mastered. As emphasized, she clearly wasn’t Bono or Madonna, which is part of why the band and their music resonate with us. If she were, it would not take so long for Universal to release an anniversary edition of the To The Faithful Departed, see what I mean…
      So do not lose more energy, embrace the music and the legacy, and may she rest in peace

    • Xaby

      Questioning what happened that night in that Hotel is not lacking in delicacy, I think it is within the misunderstanding and the impact that still resents but hardly anyone dares to speak about it and I am not the only one who thinks so. On the other hand, hinting that Dolores O’Riordan could have been a victim has nothing to do with the fact that she did not dominate and was strong, I think that both she and Sinead O’Connor are more than enough, but they are also people who have suffered and believe that the reissue of TTFD is delayed due to a good action by the record company, believe me it sounds like it looks good, when if they are interested they publish material to sell and sell. For my part, I am not going to continue giving my opinion more on this subject, I think it is obvious to be linked to Save The Children and what has happened to other singers who were going to denounce certain abuses. If some of you want to think well about the industry, what they do when the singers die, value it and I’m not including the band or their family, for the record, I’m just saying that there are many rarities and nowadays I think what to mention in ‘All Over Now ‘:(Do you remember
      Remember the night
      At a hotel in London
      They started to fight…) It’s a coincidence, I don’t know. In short, I will not lose more energy. Hopefully one day light will be shed on this case because the truth is the first victim.

  8. Webmaster

    Dear all,

    Although we have always made CW a safe place for fans to express their point of view freely, never censoring any comment, the CW team is shocked and saddened to read such debate on our January 15th tribute post to Dolores.

    Yesterday was a day for respectful contemplation, to remember the woman we all loved, still love and will always love. To think about what she gave to us and try to deal with our loss, which is difficult enough.

    Thank you.

    • Xaby

      For my part, I apologize, I voiced my rage at such an unjust death that after time affects us all and perhaps it was not time to share my suspicions, after all, they are hypotheses and my perception. I have not wanted to offend anyone with this question, much less his family and The Cranberries by such speculations. We don’t need to argue and even less on the day she left us, in that I sincerely feel that I have let myself be carried away by my pain and anger without taking into account that of others, we all miss Dolores O’Riordan here. Sorry Axl and everyone. If you consider it, delete my messages.


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