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Thanks to Gonzo, here is an English translation of the interview that appeared in El Periódico de Catalunya last week:

“You can be a pop singer and a mother of four”

O’Riordan, Ready to start her Tour in Barcelona on 29th May.

– Was the decision of starting a solo career taken previous to The Cranberries’ dissolution?
– No. That period ended because we all finished a phase in our lives we did not want to go back. In my case, I needed to stop and have a normal life back again. No contract deals, Tours or anybody on my shoulders, just me taking care of my kids.

– Then, why are you back?
– Because singing is my thing. It’s what I do and I enjoy doing. All the rest of it, a glamorous life, fame, etc are just things you have to deal with.

– The ideal life would be as a pop star, living a normal life…

– That is not an ideal, it’s simply impossible but at least that is my plan. You can be a pop singer and a mother of four kids, go pick them up from school like all mums do, I do it. ¿Why not?

– Did you ever think of reuniting with The Cranberries again?
– My intuition told me now it was the time to go solo. The challenge is bigger but all the decisions are made by me.

– Introduce your music to me. Will Cranberries fans like it?
– By the reactions I have observed, I do think so. I would say my work now is more experimental, more open, daring. I never saw myself capable of doing such personal & dark songs with the band.

–Will it be a heavy shadow, your past as a Cranberries member when introducing yourself to new audiences,?
–No, ’cause it’s something I feel very proud of. It’s part of my life. With out the Cranberries I wouldn’t be here talking to you today.

–How do you face this challenge personally?
–I feel more mature. Being a mother of four kids, having a partner for 13 years and surviving a pop band makes you a wiser person. At last I have learned not to struggle myself.

Also thanks to Chema and don_8 for their input!

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