Listen to “Roses” (the song) live at “Le Live” now!

January 27, 2012  |  10 Comments  |  by Luc  |  The Cranberries

Last week during their promo tour, The Cranberries played in the studios of the famous French newspaper “Le Figaro” for a special session called “Le Live”. Today, the newspaper posted videos of that session on its website ( You can now watch an interview with the band as well as acoustic versions of “Tomorrow”, “Zombie” and the song “Roses” for one of the very first time live!

“Roses” – Le Live Le Figaro

Interview – Le Live Le Figaro

“Tomorrow” – Le Live Le Figaro

“Zombie” – Le Live Le Figaro

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10 Responses to Listen to “Roses” (the song) live at “Le Live” now!

  1. cool

    GREAT !!!!! The Cranberries -good irish music!
    Happy Birthday for Don(husband Dollores).

  2. Tom

    Thanks !!!! Very Very good !!!

  3. citi

    Beautiful voice Dolores!

  4. victory

    Tomorrow-what”s going on in this video?Coukd someone explain it?

  5. Head

    Real Beautiful Music !!!

  6. me-berries

    absolutly perfect, such a great sound, great mix i love it

  7. Jordanoliveira

    Roses is perfect. X

  8. Me-berries

    roses is great but i like that zombie version too

  9. lovler

    Roses is the best,Dolores is the best,The Cranberries is the best!
    Absolutelu Beautyfull!!!!

  10. thc

    Roses -The Best Dolores-The Best The Cranberries The Best 🙂


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