The Cranberries to perform plenty of new songs

March 10, 2012  |  6 Comments  |  by Luc  |  The Cranberries

In an interview on New Zealand television show Breakfast, Mike Hogan  revealed that the band plans to perform 8 or 9 new songs on the next tour.

This is great news for all the fans who can’t wait to hear more new tracks live! It is unclear if these 8 or 9 songs are all album tracks or if this number includes bonus tracks like “Stop Me”, “Perfect World”, etc…

Which ones do you think the band left behind?

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6 Responses to The Cranberries to perform plenty of new songs

  1. really good news!! but I want to hear the b-sides too, especially Someday 🙂

  2. CharlJones

    The Cranberries-Good Look!

  3. cool

    The new songs are songs that do not appear on the new album “Roses”.At first there were 15 .In my opinion.

  4. camicami

    15-11=4 songs 🙂
    8 songs?For more new songs?

  5. Hermosa

    Lola please do not wear a hat because you have a beautiful face and smile 🙂

  6. nobody

    9 New songs,lol!


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