The Cranberries postpone Sydney show

March 22, 2012  |  6 Comments  |  by Luc  |  The Cranberries

The Cranberries cancelled their show at the Enmore Theatre tonight due to illness. It is rescheduled on March 26. Unfortunately, Dolores suffered from food poisoning and was unable to perform. Here is the band message from Facebook:

Hi Guys,

We want to apologise for tonight’s last minute cancellation at the Enmore Theatre in Sydney. It was unavoidable, and we’re very sorry. Dolores is suffering from food poisoning and was unable to perform. Right up to the last minute we were hoping the show might be able to go ahead, but Dolores was just too unwell.

We know you’re all very disappointed and this has been a huge inconvenience for you. Hopefully most of you can make the re-scheduled show. Once again, we’re very, very sorry…

Noel, Mike, Ferg and Dolores

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6 Responses to The Cranberries postpone Sydney show

  1. Michelle

    Unfortunately for some who flew up from Melbourne with hopes to watch the group they have idolized for the past 15 years and have to be back in Melbourne Monday , the dream of seeing the cranberries live got shattered last night.

  2. unhappy

    i hate you now you wasted my time and money i am sooo disappointed

  3. Jimbo

    What a disgrace Cranberries talk about being all juiced out…! After waiting two and a half hours you decided to shaft us loyal fans and leave us in limbo as you drank your posh irish whisky. I can’t believe i wasted tthree hours of my life, never again will i sing a cranberries song at karoke nor will i enetartain house guest with your past delights. Did you really have to let it linger Delores, obviously so. My girlfirend cried last night for the first time, this has been extremly painful for both of us. She tasted pain Delores, now that place in our hearts that was once dedicated to you is gone, gone forever.

    I’m still remebering…!

  4. simone

    I think most people were upset at they way the enmore theatre handled it, an announcment over the speakers?? And then they left us standing around for 10 minutes trying to figure out if it was just some sick joke or something, then they made another announcement over the speakers….it was very poorly handled. I hope you feel better soon Dolores, I still love you, I have since I was six years old

  5. Bree

    I still love you! I’ll be at your Monday show! 🙂

  6. Craig

    So weak, oldest excuse in the book. Didn’t get your red m&m’s in the green room before the show? I Didn’t think the Cranberries could ever do such a thing. F(*king rockstars don’t know how good they’ve got it.


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