Minneapolis show cancelled

May 18, 2012  |  28 Comments  |  by Axl  |  The Cranberries

The Cranberries just cancelled their show in Minneapolis at The Brick on May 17. Dolores wasn’t feeling well and was unable to perform. here is the official message published few minutes ago on Twitter directly by the venue:

Sorry to all who made it out tonight! Dolores of The Cranberries fell ill and is unable to perform. We will be issuing refunds Monday.

Message is very clear and it looks like the show won’t be rescheduled at all as only refund is offered for now. More details very soon….

EDIT #1:
If like Bob, you know a little more about the exact circumstances of the cancellation, just let us know like he did. Thanks to him.

EDIT #2:
Thanks to you all below for your comments. Very interesting. Don’t hesitate to continue if necessary.

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28 Responses to Minneapolis show cancelled

  1. Bob

    Very strange cancellation…The opening band did their set. Everything was set up for The Cranberries (instruments, even setlist taped on the floor). It was supposed to start at 9 and at 9.15 Michael came out and excused Dolores. The fans were disappointed but accepted, with minimal boos.

  2. Jon

    I was there in MN for this concert & there is NO WAY I believe the ‘sick’ story. The opening band started playing 2 hours earlier – then it was 9:00, time for the cranberries to come out… 9:10… 9:15… 9:20… Finally someone came out – EXTREMELY NERVOUS – and said Dolores had fallen ill.

    So what – she got sick exactly at 9:00? Or they couldn’t have told people sooner?

    I was surprised to see it was a very small venue – 400 people tops – and the beat-up instruments on stage looked looked like they came from an old high school, even the speakers were crap & mismatched.

    Our theory is the got there, saw the small crowd, the crap instruments they’d have to use, and said f*ck it.

    • Whila

      They don’t rely on the venue to supply their instruments. They bring their own equipment. They are professionals in that respect.

  3. Bob

    It is a small venue, but imho there were about 800 people. And the Michael did not seem nervous to me both times when he made the announcement. I also felt the sound was not loud enough for the opening band.

  4. Bob

    Bands play their own instruments. The sound system belongs to the venue usually

  5. Jim

    I was there last night and saw this unfold. Michael’s hands were shaking very noticeably as he made the announcement. The band cancelled in Sydney earlier this year due to “food poisoning”, and used the exact
    same excuse a week ago in Philly. Delores has serious stage fright and panic issues… This tour is doomed.

  6. Human Spirit/Warchild

    I don’t know what to make of any of this. It’s different than the other cancels. Like others said, the other cancels were canceled ahead of time. The opening band played. The cranberries instruments were set up (they have their own, they are not the venue’s), the crew were tuning guitars, taping set lists, ect. There were even 8 cups of water and two bottles set up for Dolores (does all this water mean she was sick? is it more than usual?). As for Michael being “nervous,” he seemed to be, but who wouldn’t be nervous announcing a band’s last minutes cancellation to a crowd of people? Especially if they’re going to “boo” you.

    The venue is new, the web site says it holds about 2500 people. I don’t know how many were there last night. The venue has had some issue since it opened – read this link


    All in all, it was very disappointing. It’s one thing to have a show cancelled. And it’s even worse when you’ve been waiting at the venue for 3 + hours and full of anticipation.

  7. Hugh

    There was a good crowd there last night who paid $60 per ticket to see the Cranberries. Sorry if they’re not the superstars they once were and can’t fill arenas but that’s not our fault. Grow up, suck it up and perform for people who spent a lot of time, money and effort to continue supporting your rock band dream. Not to mention $10 for parking and $24 plus tips for drinks while waiting around for the Cranberries to come on. Today is a sad day because I’m no longer a Cranberries fan.

  8. anonn

    i feel really bad for all the people that spent money, showed up early, waited, stood there and then were disappointed. the cranberries/ dolores are known for cancelling shows left and right. it makes me not want to even buy a ticket to future concerts. the band have still not issued a statement? how discrespectul to the fans that are basically paying their bills!

  9. moon

    Grow up people.Health is most important.
    Your 60 $ will be refunded.
    Learn the correct posture fans.

    • Sean

      I don’t think anyone would be mad if they believed she was actually sick. I was there and met people who travelled long distances to come, add in the overpriced drinks and the dubious circumstances of how it all went down and I certainly understand why people are mad. Add in that my wife is Cranberries fan #1 and it was not a good night for me.

    • anonn

      to me it seems that they arent taking this seriously. if they cant commit to playing a gig then dont book it in the first place. granted, things do come up and people do get sick, but not this often. something fishy is up.

  10. moon

    Oh,people will not be children.The concert was canceled,and you have a refund.
    Everyone is entitled to such appeals.Do not they alone.
    Might prefer to Dolores fainted on stage?
    Then it would be OK 🙁

  11. Rayn

    Word on the street is Dolores cancelled show due to “illness” but was seen out at Minneapolis bars soon after…. Hmmm. Class act Dolores.

  12. Travis

    I saw her with my own two eyes at an Irish bar a couple of blocks away before the show. If “ill” means “too drunk to perform,” then yeah, she was “ill.” Other people I know who work there said she was there after the show as well.

  13. pc

    OK, not saying it’s impossible she was drunk but, she happened to be seen at an IRISH bar? Lots of people saw her drunk before and after the show? What exactly is the name of this unnamed Irish bar. It’s real close to the Brick and NO ANGRY fans happened to be there and “witness” her being drunk? I would certainly think SOMEBODY has the video of this on their iphone and has it loaded up on the net somewhere by now right? Not only did she stiff the fans, but she was drunk enough or sober enough to return to the same Irish bar to get even more hammered after pissing off hundreds of fans. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…………………….

  14. moon

    People did not invent stupid things.Dolores was sick even though it may yet be before and after the concert in a pub.Does not mean I feel good.Besides the concert the group knows where to play and for how many people.
    It’s not like they came they saw and said:”Do not we play”.But in fact had to be wrong with Dolores.

    • Robert

      What the hell? Here you go again. Your posts make no sense at all. What blessed planet are you from, Moon? Must have been out drinking with Dolly.

  15. moon

    Ha Ha Ha
    I hope that you ever drink it with a Dolores O’Riordan!!!!

  16. Who cares

    She was drinking at O’Donovan’s, on the corner of First Avenue and Seventh Street. Too drunk to perform. What a hack.

  17. Dina

    Being drunk could be an explanation. But I am terribly dissapointed at them. I flew from Saint Louis, leaving my 6 weeks’ old son with grandma to see the the band. And about those instruments, I was a little suspicious when I saw a stupid drum on stage as the drummer always uses zildjian. They may have cancelled the show way before… wish we had known earlier so that I could have changed my plane tickets and did not have to suffer the pain of seeing the opening band. LOL

  18. moon

    The Cranberries concert is not canceled because they were drunk.
    They apologized and gave the money.
    That is all over the world.
    The groups did not have to even give a reson.
    Not only the fans are sorry,but the group is sorry too.
    They do not live there and they had to fly a plane,spend hard-earned money,leave small
    chidren at home,Noel wife is pregnat…….and no play……You understand.
    ps.You complain because you think only about themselves.
    Time to grow up.
    Good luk.

  19. thomas dohman

    Well said I think ? I was there too. Openning band , sorry to say, i would not walk across the street to hear.
    But the Cranberries are gold and I drove down from the hinterlands to see them ie. North dakota.
    I was mad but I’m calming now. Been through anger management and back to a sound state of mind I think, hehe.
    Good luck to all. TD

  20. xmen

    DOLORES we love You.


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