Philly’s rescheduled show cancelled as well…

May 18, 2012  |  79 Comments  |  by Camille  |  The Cranberries

The Electric Factory published the following statement a few hours ago announcing the cancellation of the rescheduled show in Philadelphia on May 19.


Due to a family emergency, The Cranberries have cancelled their rescheduled date.

The band sincerely apologizes for any inconvenience and appreciates your understanding in this matter.

Refunds available at point of purchase.

It seems things are going wrong for The Cranberries as they already had to cancel a show last night in Minneapolis. The band hasn’t released any official statement yet regarding both these shows, although the Minneapolis crowd was told that Dolores was not feeling well enough to play. People may remember that Dolores O’ Riordan lost her father last November which might be linked to the numerous cancellations that have taken place since March 2012. As many fans, we’re worried and wish the band and Dolores all the best.

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79 Responses to Philly’s rescheduled show cancelled as well…

  1. lois steem

    come on wish them the best? food poisoning last week in Philly and now family emergency? seems like the band does not with to play there any longer. now I know I’ll never get to see them

    • lois steem

      How dare you! A family emergency is important enough to preempt any regularrly scheduled event. I saw the band in CHicago and they were sharp and spot on. too bad for you in Philly
      -Barb DeWyre

    • Noah Fense

      I apologize but who do you think you are? Typical selfish Philadelphian who cares of no one but themselves. I suppose you would have attended the concert even if you had our own personal family emergency. I know livin in Philly is hard enough but get over it

    • PJ

      If any of you are still actually buying the excuses issued by the band, then, I have a bridge to sell you. Don’t jump down Lois’ throat just because you’re stupid enough to believe everything some one tells you. Why is it so taboo, within (what’s left of) The Cranberries fan community, to suggest that maybe this constant cancellation nonsense is all a bunch of bullshit. Dolores is sick you say? Hmmm, I saw U2 once, Bono was in was in such excruciating back pain he had to lie down on the stage and sing. Saw Springsteen the one time, dude was running a fever, looked like he was about to puke any minute – played for almost 3 hours. So, why’d they go on? The money? Doubt it. Already rich beyond what most people can understand. They did it out of respect for the audience. Respect for the fact that, to a lot of the people that came to see them, $50 is a lot of money. Respect for the fact that they left work, sat in traffic, paid to park etc. Working class people go out everyday and lay brick, jackhammer concrete, hang drywall, sometimes while sick, because the have to. It’s not the end of the world. I’m sure it can’t be that hard to go on stage for an hour and half, rhyme “lie” and “cry” and “fly” a couple hundred times, then go to bed if that were the case.The Cranberries are listed as like 150th best selling act of all time on RIAA. They’re incredibly wealthy. They’re only touring right now because there’s a slight resurgence in 90’s music, and they figure they might as well make some money while the opportunity is there. They don’t need it though, which is why it’s no big deal to arbitrarily cancel some shows here and there – that and they don’t give two shits about you as a fan. No respect for the fact that a large number of people traveled quite a ways to see these shows, No respect period. For me, that’s what it boils down to.

    • DAP

      What a bunch of BULLSHIT!

    • Olafson

      They have incredibly much money,because an unimaginably they work a lot !!!!

    • Fay Kinnitt

      I agree with Lois – how many shows have been cancelled due to illness or whatever. seems odd tome

  2. Henri Lenting

    what a shame for you lois. I saw them in Montreal and the songs just kept coming with no breaks.

  3. gayle

    people are saying they saw dolores drunk of her a55 before the show and thats why they cancelled the minneap. show.

  4. Isiah Lilprair

    let us just hope that all is well with the band and families so hat they may continue to provide happiness to all of us

  5. Wendy Pigsflie

    lois is right. to think they will ever schedule again in phila – well i’ll let you all guess when

  6. Bud Inski

    if I may jump in. Dolores has a problem indeed and quite a long history of same. too many of these last minute cancellations if you ask me.

  7. dunka

    its no secret that the band loves to drink. dolores admitted to drinking in excess which was a factor which led to their hiatus and cancelations in 1996. im all for having a good time and getting tossed, but work should come first.

  8. Ariel Bummerman

    gayle – you are spreading hearsay and I love it. But, if you are correct, what a shame

  9. Don Thatt

    yep, Doloroes has problems but let us not cast stones as we have all been there

  10. AL Koholack

    work? do you understand how much work it really takes to get so sauced you miss a pay day? Let’s be homest here – they are Irish

  11. Gladys Overnow

    oh well, north america leg is finished – guess the gang won’t reschedule philadelphia

  12. Shot Time

    has anyone seen a copy of the cranberries tour ride? im sure it require dolo’s dressing room to be stocked with bottles and bottles of the good stuff.

  13. Upton Leftus

    all i know is I drove up to elec factory the first time and no show and now this. Do not know what happened and now on the the way to home in Toronto or over the pond to cancel more shows

  14. Luca

    C’mon that’s harsh…..really i cannot understand why they cancel just few moments before the show….and the set list vary each night of just 1 or 2 songs….ITS UNBELIEVABLE bah!!!

  15. Jim

    Dolores, you disappoint. You have no class and little respect for the fans that put you on your pedestal. Well, I for one am going to laugh my a55 off when you fall, and fall hard. same story, different trash. Fame, fortune, drugs, drink, oops – dead! Not only do you not have the intestinal fortitude to honor your business commitment to AEG, and the brick, but you pi55 on your fans. Then you don’t even have the guts to come out and face the fans, apologize, and take the heat. Instead, you send out Michael. Only one reason for that… You were too drunk. The opening band was tremendous, and I will go see them and purchase their cd instead of yours… They earned my money and my respect last night. You… Go sleep it off, trash.

    • DAP

      LOL U Serious??

    • Danni

      I am completely disgusted with them. They screwed over Philly, not once, but twice. I’m not buying the excuses at all. Shame on them for lying. Especially the last one, claiming there was a family emergency. Guess they didn’t think Philly was stupid enough to buy the “food poisoning” reason twice. They have treated their fans like crap…what a waste. I will never go to one of their concerts again. All of this from a band that I’ve loved for so many years…I’m over them.

  16. Donaldturbn

    Very deceiving indeed but i try to find excuses to dolores. I do try. I know its hard to have a cancellation the day before or worse 5 min before the show. Thats the reality for every cran fan. The band deserves its reputation. Anyway for my own i do believe the ill excuses. Ok not ill like everyone thinks of it at first but ill in the head. Ill in thoughts. When you lost someone of your family. And especially your dad for a little girl believe me you are very ill the months after. You need rest. I think Dolores is ill in that way and not in the other usual way. She s got my respect. I do wish her all the best sincerely even if i also understand desapointed fans who travelled from far and lost a lot of money. I was one of yours a couple of time so i really do understand. But what i know as well is that nobody asked you to travel that much. Thats why the band comes to your town and usually not the opposite. But yes i know the reality and things like that are very common. Anyway after all those times i forgave and still love the band and that s what matters. Love you Dolores.

  17. Luca

    They are not BELIEVABLE anymore….its really uncorrect.

  18. moon

    People where so much hate in you?
    You do not undestand that Dolores sings every day hundreds of concerts.It may be ill.And you never get sick ?
    If you earn a lot of them deserve it for their hard work.They did not invent the drug,because it’s not true.
    Dolores’s Father died recently and the album “Roses”is for Him.Besides Dolores has four children ,which at the time are taken care of.The Cranberries tour takes more time.Live in hotels,eat in pubs….you get sick…..You have to understand .A true fan never complains,but tries to understand and help.
    ps.A lot of health for Dolores and Her Family.
    We love you Doll!

  19. monn

    Better to look at yourself and your monkey mind .
    Your entry shows you man….:(

  20. mouse

    Dolores I LOVE YOU Forever !!!!!!!

  21. mikin

    Thank You for all the great concerts that have been so far and wish you continued health of the tour!

  22. henry

    may i add….. do any of you REALLY believe that they would just cancel for no good reason right before they were supposed to go onstage? just to spite fans? do you think they WANT to piss people off? who would? OBVIOUSLY something is REALLY wrong with one of them health wise or emotionally and they are trying to be as private as they can about it which EVERYONE deserves. Did it ever occur to any of you that maybe they decided after the first canceled show that rather than disappoint ALL those cities, they would try and forge ahead and not cancel the tour then? it’s not like they have a vendetta against Philly for god’s sake. come on people. Life is hard… being a performer is hard. shit happens and no one is perfect. yes it sucks that they canceled Philly TWICE… don’t be fan anymore… that’s your choice. but don’t walk away from a band you LOVE thinking that they did this just because they were selfish or didn’t have a good reason. I don’t believe anyone really deep down thinks that’s true. you all have a major right too be pissed off… i get it. but there really must be something more serious going on.

    • thomas

      Yeah you’re most likely right. I have been thinking how could they do this to us in Minneapolis as if that’s a reason to be upset. They would do it to NYC if they couldn’t go on with the show too. A person starts to take it personally and that’s my fault. If they made the show in Chicago why not Minneapolis. Oh no. ” The Bears “…. Just when it happens it happens that’s all.
      Stay safe Dolores Machree or something like that. thomas

  23. moon

    Exactly,you’re right.
    They did not it do it maliciously.
    They wanted to play.
    But the disease did not give them a chance 🙁

  24. mcincin

    Let’s drink to the health of Doll and be OK 🙂

  25. moon


  26. minimaxi

    Look 🙁
    (Brian Molko “Placebo”weakened -Osaka concert):(

  27. maximini

    Look,You Tube:”Singier from placebo carried off stage at Summersonic 09 Osaka”!!!
    Brian weakened from overwork. 🙁

  28. Dewey R. Donshe

    will dolo and the gang reschedule any time for philadelphia?

    • Camille

      Not a chance, at least not shortly.
      We know their 2012 World Tour hasn’t fully be announced yet and one of Noel Hogan’s tweets implied that a second North American leg was planned; although if things are not getting better, who knows if the show will go on?

      I believe their current silence could be explained by the fact they might be thinking about the upcoming legs of tour, if something’s going wrong for one of them (Dolores), maybe they’re wondering what’s the best decision to take regarding their European Summer tour for instance…
      I don’t know, but hypothesis is based on similar previous scenarios.

    • Yvonne Tibet

      i believe another Philly show is coming! anyone disagree

  29. mix

    No.Concert England 18.06.2012.Welcome 🙂

  30. mix

    What happened to Dolores?

  31. mix

    Why did you lie?
    Doll does not drink before the concert.
    Doll is not a drug addict.
    Kurt you are a fool !!!

    • Dee Lynn Quint

      Kurt is the fool? What a statement. Fans that continue to give to this group are the fools. why has there been no statement from the Cranberries referring to the supposed family emergency? The only emergency was that dolores ran out of booze back stage in Minn and just could not bear to go on. In fact the repeated food poisoning issues has tot be related to the heroin not mixing well with the shepards pie

    • miomi

      Kurt is fool,false fan and you too.

    • Morty Fide

      these must be real fans not fools. i can’t belive one such as yourself would make that outlandish claim

    • thomas

      I don’t think she’s into doing drugs. Beleive me drinking can
      f you up just as bad. Hope she turns the boat on a new tack sooner and not later. I don’t think she’s doin’ hard drugs. Like I said hard booze is bad enough.

    • thomas

      See I can’t even spell believe correctly.
      The beer has screwd my mind up !!!!!!!!

  32. Krisstofferr

    If you were true fans.It would understand that sometimes the group refers concert.Why not entered after the concert?Why not praise them for having played a gig ?They played a lot of concerts.Only three were canceled.
    Sinead O’Connor- she canceled ALL tour ,because she feels very badly……..

  33. moon

    Greetings Dolores!!!

  34. cup of tea

    Yes.Dolores is OK.

  35. astrostars

    Doll is Ok.:)
    She is ill when the Moon is in Pisces and Aries ! This is true.
    No time should be planned concerts.
    Doll then decreases.

  36. lame

    Dolores weakens when the monn is in Pisces and Aries?
    Days canceled 19.05…etc The Moon was in Aries….WOW

  37. Barry D. Hatchett

    that is quite a harsh commentary. please leave dol alone and move on

  38. Manny Kin

    I believe the so called “fans” here are fake

  39. moon

    I love The Cranberries & Dolores O’Riordan.I’m true fan 🙂

  40. Wanda Rinn

    kinda of lost right now without my cranberrie fix in Philadelphia

  41. Will Yashadup

    moon. what more needs to be stated?

  42. moon

    I think that should be respected for The Cranberries.
    Do not accuse them of bad intentions.
    We have to accept any of their explanation.
    This show respect will of their work.
    If we call them fans,we must be one of them.
    The correct attitude of the fans,to wish Dolores a lot of strength and health.
    It Doores O’Riordan owe so many beautiful emotions.
    Her voice is unique.
    It is Her special treatment.
    We should be brothers,not enemies.

  43. Denise Arnockin

    moon and mix

    ooohhh true fans indeed!

  44. Freida People

    mix and moon and Barry and whomever is the great defender of the band

    shows will continue to be cancelled, Dolores will continue to be too drunk to show up (sorry too ill) Europe tour to be cancelled – let the good folks who purchased tickets get their hard earned money back now and call the whole thing off. Stop the suffering!

  45. moon

    I do not need anyone to defend.
    Worldwide,the group cancel his concerts.
    They need not even give a reason.
    They have to do so.
    This is their tour.That they manage.
    ps.How are you so poor that do not
    go to concerts.
    Nobody is forcing you.
    Time to grow up.

    • Freida People

      my financial position is none of your concern. Just read with google alert that Dolores is taking time off – advised to do so by her mom. Too stressed out is the “official” story – more like too strung out. Adios to the rest of the tour you fools

  46. krisstoffers

    Dolores – Thank You and we love you.

    • Kurt reply

      Yes sick indeed. Sick of having to stop shooting up because she needs to go on stage!
      You people are fools to continue to worship a 90’s has been. It is a crime what she does or then again is it if you continue to let her

    • thomas

      If she’s shooting up I wonder where. Most of the time when she performs her arms are exposed and we can see it all. Haven’t noticed any tracks on the arms. Do druggies shoot somewhere else like where the sun down particularly shine or something.
      Come on, don’t think she does that dude.

  47. lumi

    Mozart is good.Him is 2012 year ha ha

  48. lumi

    Mozart is good.He is 2012 year ha ha

  49. vivalive

    Doll is ok.She has four children.
    Do not use drugs.
    Problems with drinking to have you,not her.:)

  50. crando


  51. luminator

    Dolores O’Riordan solo and The Cranberries-very very very good music .


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