Closure of The Cranberries official community

May 25, 2012  |  11 Comments  |  by Camille  |  The Cranberries

Barra -who seems to be a member of The Cranberries Team- announced that the official community of The Cranberries would be closed in the upcoming month. The band and their team have indeed chosen to develop their Facebook page instead and fans are thus advised to join there. For those who do not have a Facebook account… I’m afraid you’re gonna have to stick with us 😉
Welcome on board, lads!

Below a screen cap of Barra’s message:

Hi guys

I’m afraid that this community website will be phased out over the coming month or so as the band and the band’s web admin have decided to maintain and develop official Facebook page only. We’ll be adding a forum on the Facebook page over the Summer, where discussion similar to that here can be continued and hopefully you can contribute and join the Facebook community there. As I’m sure you all know, there’s also a fan resource at

I’m sure some of you may be disappointed at this news, and where sorry for any inconvenience, but we’re trying to consolidate our fan resources over the coming Summer; tidy things up and develop a Facebook based community that will be well maintained and updated regularily.

Have a good weekend, and all the best…

On behalf of The Cranberries

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11 Responses to Closure of The Cranberries official community

  1. Cecilia

    So I ask you…all the things will be deleted, cleared from the site of community. Isn’t it so sorry?

  2. Cecilia Yasuda

    So I ask you, all the things will be deleted. Isn’t it so sorry?

  3. Donaldturbn

    Waooo what a news

  4. Human Spirit/Warchild

    Luckyluke, I sent you a message on the community. It may be a longshot….Let me know what you think.

  5. DoStars

    Is the officia site will be cosed forever?Or just in time”leave”in the show?
    Can it move from here?

  6. Maxcranfan

    Sad, very sad. We have met many fans, many friends from around the world in the official community, of course there are some other unofficial forums but the official comunity was he main place for everybody.
    So…”cranberries world” the new zombieguide!

  7. moon

    However,it can leave The Officjal Community and will continue to run.
    It was a great site The Cranberries on the internet.The Facebook is not so good.

  8. thomas

    Goodbye friends on the official sites. It’s been great and stay safe. Thomas

    John, Litsa and hey Lu wtf,thanks for a great few years and to all the great fans it was a pleasure being part of it.

    Good bye from Nord a kota !

  9. lovecran

    We strongly encourage you not liquidate the TC Community.PLEASE!

  10. worldcity

    Do not close this page,please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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