Italian shows threatened?

May 25, 2012  |  6 Comments  |  by Camille  |  The Cranberries

Italian fans found out today that tickets for the concerts in Piazzola-sul-Brenta and Milano were not on sale anymore whereas everyone states that these shows were far from being sold out.

Is this another clue pointing to a possible cancellation of the whole/part of the European Summer Tour?
What is certain is that we should know more about the Italians gigs very soon.

It is unclear whether concerts will be maintained, postponed (like the Berlin one) or cancelled on this leg of the Roses Tour.

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6 Responses to Italian shows threatened?

  1. Valerio

    Tickets for the show in Rome are not on sale anymore too! I just heard the venue and they said that the organization has not explained why they can not sell the tickets. Maybe next days we’ll get more information.

  2. Cranba2

    Well to me i now think the whole european tour is on its way fir a whole cancellation or at least a rescheduled tour. Bye bye my 4 non refoundable plane tickets. I made a cross on seeing the cranberries in concert this summer. Rendez vous in november. Good point cranberriesworld for letting us know

  3. Anita Wang

    Can’t sell tickets and you are wondering why? Because dolo is a sick selfish person who can’t go on imagine how the other band members feel hat they are also sacrificing time away from family,etc. keep throwing money away you fools Dolores can then afford to drink top shelf booze

  4. Ola

    There must be some reasonable explanation.


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