Song of the day: “Crazy”

August 22, 2012  |  1 Comments  |  by Luc  |  Mono Band

In celebration of the “Mono Band Week”, Cranberries World features a Mono Band song every day of this special week. Today’s song is none other than “Crazy” featuring Kate Havnevik.

Mono Band – “Crazy”

The song is one of the highlight of the 2005 “Mono Band” album according to many reviews. A demo version of the song was released as a free download on Kate Havnevik’s website in April 2006. The song was also performed live by Alexandra Hamnede on several Mono Band shows.

Kate Havnevik

Norwegian singer Kate Havnevik performed with acts such as Röyksopp (“Only This Moment”) before releasing her first solo album “Melankton” in 2006. The first part of her follow up album “You” was released earlier this year while the second part is set to hit the stores this autumn.

The 2005 Mono Band album, which features “Crazy” can be ordered on the Gohan Records website. The release is also available as a digital download on the Gohan Records website and on most iTunes stores.

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One Response to Song of the day: “Crazy”

  1. Crans

    perfect song thanks mono and kate


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