Surprising setlist in Barcelona

October 5, 2012  |  5 Comments  |  by Luc  |  The Cranberries

The Cranberries continued to surprise fans with their setlist tonight in Barcelona. Catalans were up for a treat tonight… after “No Need to Argue” in London Tuesday, the band revived “Not Sorry”, another song which was not played in a long time

“Not Sorry” – Barcelona 2012

The band also included back “Desperate Andy” and “Promises”. There was also some major changes to the setlist order, starting off the night with “Just My Imagination”, “When You’re Gone” and “Losing My Mind”.

The Crans also performed a total of 6 songs from “Roses”, more than on any other show since the release of the album.

Here’s the complete Barcelona setlist:

Just My Imagination
When You’re Gone
Losing My Mind
Free to Decide
Ordinary Day
Dreaming My Dreams
Still Can’t…
Desperate Andy
I Can’t Be With You
Animal Instinct Shattered (instrumental)
Fire & Soul
Not Sorry
Show Me
Ridiculous Thoughts
Schizophrenic Playboys
The Journey No Need to Argue


Thanks to Fanberries and Albert for the setlist info!

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5 Responses to Surprising setlist in Barcelona

  1. Albert

    They didn’t play The Journey. They played No Need to Argue!

  2. Kiss

    I Love:”Not Sorry”,”Show me”,”The Jurney”…..

  3. manuelsapam

    They actually played Animal instinct (full song) , and a instrumental version of Shattered while Dolores was changing her clothes.

    • lolitaz

      are you 100% sure about that, if yes where was animal’s position in the setlist because on the picture of the setlist i cant see the song at all. anyway i may agree for what you say about shattered as instrumental

  4. lipecran

    Excellent version of ‘Not Sorry’! It sounded to me the live recording closer to the original studio version!


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