“Twenty One” relives…

October 6, 2012  |  10 Comments  |  by Luc  |  The Cranberries

At the Madrid show The Cranberries revived “Twenty One”, another long forgotten “No Need to Argue” track for the fans to enjoy!

Twenty One – Madrid 2012

For the first 3 shows of the European leg of the Roses Tour, The Cranberries brought back on each show a track they did not perform in a long timeΒ (“No Need to Argue” in London, “Not Sorry” in Barcelona)… for the greatest pleasure of the fans.

“Analyse”, “Animal Instinct”, “How”, “Empty” and “Put Me Down” were also back on the setlist, while “Fire & Soul”, “Dreaming My Dreams” and “Still Can’t…” were out.

Empty – Madrid 2012

Which “oldie” do you think the band will revive next?

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10 Responses to “Twenty One” relives…

  1. Luc

    For myself, I would like to see them performed “Forever Yellow Skies” and “War Child” again. And “Astral Projection” and “So Good” from the Roses album.

  2. lipecran

    WOW! Great surprises! Twenty One now is Forty One! War Child and Forever Yellow Skies are my prefered from To The Faithfull Departed and I’m waiting for it, but could be great if they fix The Icicle Melts to the set and play So Cold In Ireland and Sunday. From Roses, Losing My Mind can’t out! Put Me Down too!

  3. Moon

    I waiting for “The Jurney” and “Ordinary Day”:)

  4. Kiss

    I Love-“HOW”!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

  5. Kamil

    I would do everything to listen to “HOLLYWOOD” live!! This is my favourite song. Maybe they will play it in Warsaw, I’ll be there:) Also, any other song from To The Faithful Departed would be great live…

  6. Raquel

    Definitely “yellow skies ” is one of my fav. but it is difficult to choose one song from the other… I was blessed to see The Cranberries in Chicago ….I hope they come back soon to USA !!

  7. seba

    The Best “Zombie”in Warsaw 2011 year!
    I love “Not sorry”.14.10.2012 in Warsaw.I hope πŸ™‚

  8. Avalon

    Very good concerts:London,Barcelona,Madrit.The Cranberries the best!

  9. Moon

    Concert in Berlin very good πŸ™‚ WOW !

  10. Igor

    This is a marathon tour and they will never make it to the end. Just waiting for first cancellation and the silly excuse! They are in some kind of mid-life crisis with loads of probs. What they did to their fans on the last tour was unforgiveable. I was in Philly and had travelled five hours to the cancelled tour. Now I wouldn’t cross the road to see them


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