To put an end to the boobs controversy

November 2, 2012  |  5 Comments  |  by Luc  |  Other News

Two days ago CW reported about some gossiping on differents forums and between fans attending the current tour, whether Dolores had breasts enlargement or not.
We would like to remind you that we did/do not pass any judgement on Dolores appearance, nor condemn the use of plastic surgery. Every person should be free to use such methods if they want to with no fear of being judged by others. Remember though that no one confirmed that Dolores actually had this kind of surgery.

The CW Team felt that this was important to briefly address this topic, as a footnote in our last article, since it was widely discussed between fans.

Now back to celebrate The Cranberries’ music and performances! 😉

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5 Responses to To put an end to the boobs controversy

  1. Tipsy

    UNBELIEVABLE……anyway absolutely nothing happened to Dolores body, so do not affirm things that are not true anyway!!

    • Luc

      Tipsy: please read back our message and article. No one said that she DID have breast surgery. We only reported that fans were talking/wondering about it.
      By continuing to argue about this, you only keep the discussion/gossiping alive and that gives it more attention than it deserves!
      As we said, let’s get back to what’s important to us: music!

  2. Moon

    Dolores never had any plastic surgery.
    These are natural boobs.

  3. Antonio

    Oh great news. So no surgery done. So much better look with small breast. Then on the pictures where dolores do have big breast it surely was a super wonderbra effect. I prefer that option. Dolores is much more beautiful with small tits. No doubt about that


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