DVD to be filmed in Paris (?) + random news

November 5, 2012  |  16 Comments  |  by Luc  |  The Cranberries

The Cranberries are apparently set to record their next DVD at Zénith in Paris this month, according to some member of the band’s road crew. This could explain the mysterious “DVD Set List” inscription on the Luxembourg setlist sheet we reported a few days ago. The ‘berries could have practice this setlist on that night in preparation to the Paris show.

The band has not confirmed the information though. So this is, for now, still a rumor.

In 1999, the band also recorded their last DVD (Beneath the Skin) in Paris, at Bercy. Even though it will be filmed in the same city, the upcoming Zénith show should give a completely different and cosy atmosphere as this venue capacity is 7,000 compared to 17,000 at Bercy.

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Some people expressed their deception over the fact that we were getting people their hopes high and then disappointing them if the news turn out not to be true. Remember that we are only a group of fans from around the world making this website happend on our own free time. We do not have any direct, privileged contact with the band, nor represent them in any way. Our news sources consiste of what is available on the web, what is said or did at concerts and some occasional e-mails to informations sources. So please, take it for what it is, nothing more! 😉

We also would like to thank every person who are emailing us with some pieces of information to include on the site. We will include it over the next months, as the website is still under construction. These information are greatly appreciated!

Antwerpen show

Yesterday’s Antwerpen show went on in a chaotic atmosphere, according to fans attending the several shows on this tour. The venue’s sound quality was not up to standards. Due this poor sound quality, it seemed like some front-row fans were shouting more loudly than the band was playing. The band seemed to have completely lost concentration — Dolores smiling at the situation during the sad-theme “Put Me Down” and “21”–, and the surrounding crowd, annoyed and a bit sour.

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16 Responses to DVD to be filmed in Paris (?) + random news

  1. Sheryl

    Yes i was yesterday with my hushband just 2 or 3 meters behind that group in the front row. They totally ruined the ambiance all around. I have no idea for the whole arena if they ruined it or not but to us just behind that was horrible. Those 10 fuckerz don’t respect the people around always shouting words that no one understands not even the band i suppose. Thinking like the band is playing just for themselves or what. What a direspect for anybody. I saw TC a lot before in belgie and netherlands. They were not here in the past. Anyway i hated yesterdays show mostly because of that and i guess i’ll never be returning to see TC next time. Thanks shithead. So yes 10 or 12 ppl can fukt up 5000. Now i know

    • Olviya

      I was at the show in Chicago, and I must say that the people close to the stage were also shouting and clasping and I think I could understand their joy, so it wasn’t disturbing me because it was expected as at any other rock concert; though I am rather an introvert especially when seeing someone for the first time after such a long break. So I was focusing on the music the band was playing and not on criticizing the young and joyful people, and it wasn’t that hard to do because the sound quality was excellent despite of the old building the concert took place. The performance was beyond perfection, it was impressive, thank you The Cranberries for these moments.

    • Janis

      Agree! It was like seeing 15 year old maniacs… and they were in their 35 / 40. Weird but that’s concerts. Dvd in Paris, well not necessary a good choice to me.

    • Olviya

      Why Paris is not a good choice? Prague came to my mind for some reason – where Ordinary Day was shot.

  2. Janis

    Nothing against Paris. Just they already did it in the past and theres a lot of other cities in the world. Just my opinion nothing more.

  3. Moon

    DVD in Paris -Yes,yes,yes!
    Thanks for the topic.Sometimes sound system in weak.People screaming for musicians.Group is stressed.They are hard at work.Must be focused.Don’t hinder them.You can tell:”Thank You”and”I love You”etc.Consent and love!

  4. German

    Sometimes is funny.The Cranberries-funny moment at the end.

  5. Amor

    Amsterdam 2012-ti is You Tube video!

  6. Lemon

    No interviews with The Cranberries?

  7. Olviya

    I agree.

  8. Olviya

    They disabled the video 🙁

  9. luis

    so annoying, here’s the evidence

    this is put me down, they ruined the whole song!


  10. Kiss

    Where is video with concerts The Cranberries?

  11. Nycholas

    I don’t care if people shout and make noise usually, I mean it should be kind of a party, but it depends on the situation. In case of a loud song like Zombie or Salvation it doesn’t really matter but during quieter songs like You&Me, 21 etc, I think it’s inappropriate to make too much noise. I saw the show in Luxemburg and there were 2 guys and a girl standing near me and they talked all the way through the show. From time to time they screamed or sang along. Why do they go see a concert? Why can’t they go to a café, bar or pub or wherever where they can talk the night away? That would be much cheaper for them and no-one would be bugged.

    If they really film the Paris Zénith show that’d be great as I’ll be there, ralalalalalalala ralalalalalalala ralalalalalalala ralalalalalalala


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