Cranberries World video: “I Can’t Be With You” in Strasbourg

November 15, 2012  |  3 Comments  |  by Camille  |  The Cranberries

Yesterday The Cranberries were in Strasbourg in France.
Unfortunately the show was far from being sold out with only one third of the venue (about 2,000 people). Some security team members even told us that the show might have been cancelled in the afternoon. We don’t know whether this was the band or the tour producer’s decision.Anyway, as the show eventually took place, here is the video we filmed in the front row:

“I Can’t Be With You” – Strasbourg 2012

At the end of the show Dolores wished us all “A Merry Christmas” and added “See you next year”.
Is a new European leg planned for next year or was it just a way to say goodbye? Future will tell…

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3 Responses to Cranberries World video: “I Can’t Be With You” in Strasbourg

  1. Moon

    Very good concert.
    For TC two thousand people is not enough.But two thousand people at the concert in general is a lot.Thanx.

  2. GR

    Too many shows in France? Too expensive?

  3. Moon

    Concert hall”Zenith”in Strasbourg is the largest in Europe!
    Hiring hall is very expensive.
    There will come 10.000 people.
    The concert came to 2.000.
    Rent scale for PROFIT is zero.
    Thank you The Cranberries for concert!!!


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