So, what’s next for The Cranberries?

December 2, 2012  |  5 Comments  |  by Luc  |  The Cranberries

With the European tour ending in a few days, many are wondering what The Cranberries will do next..
While no confirmed plans have been announced, there are a few hints out there, saying that the band could continue touring sometime in 2013. At several concerts in France, Dolores finished up the show with a “see you next year”. Also, a French concert promotion agency, Pression Live (which is not involved with the band in the current tour) posted on Facebook last Thursday a weird message with a link to a video from the Sanremo Festival:

They were on tour in Europe for the last few months.
It would be a shame to deny yourself of them.
Here they are, live!

Also, the band did not stop by Latin America where there is a large active fan base nor the western part of North America last Spring, on their short North Eastern American tour. Could a second American Tour be up the sleeve too?

To be continued…

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5 Responses to So, what’s next for The Cranberries?

  1. Marieke

    I really enjoyed the concert in Amsterdam this November.
    It was great seeing them again and it was even better that The Cranberries enjoyed beeing on stage again. So I hope that they keep on making wonderfull music and I can see them again next time. But they have to do everything at their own time.. that’s the main thing

  2. Olviya

    That would be nice if they toured next year, hopefully it happens. I wish they continued the tour nonstop because the more they tour the more popular they get, but they are human beings that need a break to rest, get a deep breath, and maybe create something new again (who knows?). I see nothing weird in the post by Pression Live, they said: “They were in European tour for the last few months, so it would be a shame to deprive themselves of The Cranberries… live version if you like!” and they shared the video – they probably couldn’t find a better professional video from Europe than this one, moreover that they specialize in the festivals. What is weird in their post?

  3. cranfan

    Yes! 2013 Year !
    Tour ……USA,Canada,France,Russia,Brasil,Mexico,Peru…….etc. 🙂

  4. Moon

    2013-Welcame The Cranberries – in German,Poland,Sveden….:)

  5. lois

    If they even come back to the states, Dolores will probably cancel shows again due to drug problems – oh well, i know we won’t get to see them again


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