Last show of the European Roses Tour: Montbéliard

December 10, 2012  |  3 Comments  |  by Camille  |  The Cranberries

What a show, dear ‘Berries friends, what a show!
For their last concert of the European Roses Tour, The Cranberries surprised their fans playing “Ode To My Family” for the one and sole time on the whole tour, whereas Dolores seemed not too keen on playing it because of the recent death of her father a year ago. An intense and very emotional moment which we tried to capture in video and should post as soon as possible (just like the band, we need a little break 😉 ).

Animal Instinct
Just My Imagination
Ode To My Family
Free To Decide
Fire & Soul
Desperate Andy
I Can’t Be With You
Waltzing Back
Show Me
Ridiculous Thoughts
No Need To Argue
Schizophrenic Playboy (which replaced You And Me and Promises)

Although Dolores spat several times on stage, explaining she was very sick, the band did and amazing and beautiful performance. Dolores didn’t miss the opportunity to thank everyone who made this tour true such as the fans who she said they’ll miss, while telling the audience that this was their last show after a 32-date tour. She also gave away a couple of gifts to thank some fans who followed the band around.

Below our first photos off our Twitter account:

Snowy Montbéliard… & so cold (in Ireland France)

Outfit #1

Outfit #2

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3 Responses to Last show of the European Roses Tour: Montbéliard

  1. Olviya

    Thank you so very much for all you do, your posts are so insightful, and I wish you have a great break. I cannot find the pictures that you posted, it says “Page not found”. It is sad to hear that Dolores doesn’t feel well, she is so brave she must accept and overcome the obstacles. I hope she gets some rest during the holidays. Much love.

    CW edit: indeed on few mobile phones it seems pictures report an error, it is not the case on computers. we’ll try to fix this. thanks for noticing

  2. Tipsy

    Sick of what? she got the ill in the very last few days of the tour?!

    CW edit: just a bad cold like anybody may have in winter nothing serious don’t worry.

  3. Moon

    Dolly is a strong and beautiful woman.
    32 concerts are very much!
    Tour “Roses”was beautiful!
    I wish you much health for the coming year.
    Thank you ,The Cranberries for everything!


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