One-year anniversary contest [update #2]

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Last update about our one-year anniversary contest:
First, we’d like to thank all those who participated, you were more than expected and we do appreciate that.

2012.11.22 poster 1

The answer of the question was of course Ode To My Family, which most of you got right, although many got confused with Roses, a song Dolores dedicated to her father. One of you also answered No Need To Argue, a 1994 song which is very likely to be written about Dolores’ relationship with first boyfriend Mike Mahoney (although it has never been confirmed by any of the band members).
Click here to read the interview excerpt we posted in November in which Dolores explains she can’t sing Ode To My Family any more because the song reminds her too much of her father.

Anyway, congratulations to our 10 winners. Note that one of them decided to let someone else have his poster which had us drawing an 11th name by lot.
Beauvais & Brest posters are now all ready for shipping. Feel free to take pictures of them hanging on your walls once they reach you, and send those to us 😉

Again, thanks to Anne @ Ginger and Aude @ GDP.

Here is the final list of our winners:

  • Andrea from Italy
  • Anna from Poland
  • Carmen from Argentina
  • Diana from Italy
  • Hélène from France
  • Javi from Spain  whose poster thus goes to Lu from Uruguay
  • Lionel from the USA
  • Paul from France
  • Sean from the USA
  • Virginie from France
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