“Raining In My Heart” to be licensed for TV and movies (?)

March 9, 2013  |  7 Comments  |  by Jury  |  The Cranberries

According to a very intriguing promo CD that has surfaced on eBay, The Cranberries’ song “Raining In My Heart” might have a chance to be featured on some TV shows or movies.
The promo CD is called “Music Alternatives January 2013” and it features songs from various artists including The Cranberries. The CD is released by Music Alternatives and, according to the company’s website (musicalternatives.com), it specializes in “placing their artists’ music in film, television, commercials, video games, trailers, soundtracks and special markets.

“Music Alternatives January 2013” promo CD includes “Raining In My Heart”

Songs from Music Alternatives’ artists were placed in many popular TV shows such as “Grey’s Anatomy”, “Criminal Minds”, “Supernatural”, “Castle”, “How I Met Your Mother”, “Bones” and many many more….

“Raining In My Heart” was the second promo single from “Roses” in some countries, so who knows, maybe Cooking Vinyl didn’t give up on a promotion of the latest album? Placing new songs in popular TV shows is quite a common practice. For example, The Cranberries’ songs “Analyse” and “Never Grow Old” were placed in “Smallville” and “Alias”.
Maybe in few weeks we’ll hear “Raining In My Heart” in some TV show or commercials?

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7 Responses to “Raining In My Heart” to be licensed for TV and movies (?)

  1. Benjamin

    Oh God. The lyrically weakest song on the whole album. Great news? Bah.

  2. Luigi

    I disagree…it’s a good song(but I prefer Losing My Mind) expecially the acustic version

  3. Benjamin

    You know, Cranberries fans might like it but I’m telling you one of the main reasons they can’t get traction in the US or the English-speaking world is that the lyrics are getting worse and worse on these albums. I wish Dolores would spend just a little more time making lyrics less repetitive and simplistic and vague–her voice is so glorious and the band itself sounds really tight. Raining in my heart is just evidence for the critics that the music has gone downhill permanently. And the song itself sounds pretty until you get to the boring, kindergarten-like lyrics.

  4. Luigi

    I can only think that if someone choose it there are many reason( maybe commercial and not artistic I really dunno)…for example,if I had to chosen a song from wake up and… To put in a film I think that never grow old could not be My first idea, but someone did it…about how it’s written I can’t say anything: I’m not english

  5. Moon

    Raining in my heart-it is beauty song !!!!

  6. David

    I agree with the lyrics being horrible! The band makes a great job with the music but with really poor lyrics. The lyrics are getting worse and worse.

  7. Nathana

    Raining in My Heart is a wonderful song. If you don’t get it, perhaps you’ve never been through anything.


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