A new old and unusual recording of The Cranberries to surface

March 30, 2013  |  8 Comments  |  by Axl  |  The Cranberries

Yesterday a new bootleg of The Cranberries surfaced on the internet. It is almost 11-year old as it was recorded live in concert on June 1, 2002 in Pompano Beach, USA (near Miami) during the “Wake Up And Smell The Coffee World Tour ’02”.
We usually don’t write any news when a new bootleg comes out and we simply add it to our bootleg database (which is small for now but is bound to grow over the coming months and years).

This new old recording is an exception as it is quite special and deserves a few explanations.
Because we usually know 2 ways of recording a concert: Professional made by professional and authorized people and Audience made most of the time by fans in the crowd and unauthorized.

The bootleg that surfaced yesterday belongs to a another category as it is an IEM Feed source and this is the first ever IEM recording of The Cranberries known to date for now. Many of us just have no idea what an IEM Feed is and what it means. IEM is for In-Ear-Monitors. Let’s make it simple, it is the headphones that all musicians have on stage nowadays. And each musician have its own mix inside, for example a bass player might want to hear the bass louder than the other instruments etc…
Datfly (the uploader -and maybe taper?- of this new bootleg on dimeadozen.org) tells us, in file description, that the recording features very heavy Dolores vocals so there are good chances that the IEM Feed recorded here is Dolores’ one.

There we have a professional source recorded by a non-professional and probably non-authorized person. The result is kinda unique and everyone will have its own opinion on the quality and interest of the thing. It’s up to you to listen. Hear the accuracy of Dolores singings like rarely heard before. Anyway what is for sure, The Cranberries Fans Community definitely have a new collector piece!

more details:
Audio/Video recordings (2002.06.01)

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8 Responses to A new old and unusual recording of The Cranberries to surface

  1. Jenifer

    Waoooo vocals are awesome I love it.

  2. Luigi

    It’s fine…but a strange format

  3. Luka

    Cool stuff. Anyway one question. Where is your bootograhy database exactly? When I click on the bootography menu it says coming soon. In your post you mention our bootography database. I don’t understand, So where can I find it ????

  4. lipecran

    At GN’R (Guns N’ Roses) fans community this kind of recording is known as “Monitor Mix”.

  5. Johncran

    So great vocals. Love that kind of record. Monitor mix IEM soundboard ir whatever it is it’s brilliant. Would love a complete exhaustive bootleg database

  6. Kmouille

    Amazing vocals… love the format, clearly understandable and accurate voice ! Love it, thanks !!

  7. Arnaud

    Anyone has a link please to download this bootleg ?… Thanks so much 😉

    CW EDIT: LINK AVAILABLE ON BOOTLEG INFO ON THIS POST, THEN SEE SOURCES (datfly), you need to create an account on this site first to see the page.

  8. dakoo

    i love it!!! wishing every bootleg would have been like that!!!


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