Dolores to take part in “The Voice of Ireland” as judge

October 4, 2013  |  6 Comments  |  by Camille  |  The Voice of Ireland

Dolores appeared tonight on the TV show ‘The Late Late Show” broadcast on Irish TV RTÉ One. She revealed that she is now the new judge/coach of the famous TV show “The Voice of Ireland” replacing Sharon Corr who decided not to take part in the singing competition this year.

It’s great to be back in Ireland and to be taking part in one of Ireland’s most popular TV shows at same time. I know a good voice when I hear one and I am out to find the best star in the country.

She is now back in her home country to record the third series of blind auditions and the shooting should start on October 18th, 19th & 20th. Dolores will have to choose ten contestants to work with and lead the best of them to the final.

Watch “The Late Late Show” interview on this page (Dolores starting at 1:39:30)
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Dolores at “The Late Late Show”

Arriving tonight at RTÉ in Dublin. Photo: Arthur Carron/Collins

UPDATE – OCTOBER 10 put online 6 different preshow photos of Dolores arriving at RTÉ studios in Dublin for “The Late Late Show” last Friday, October 4 (and not Saturday 5 as written on their website) as well as other guests appearing on the show that night like Sinead O’ Connor, Laura Whitmore and more.

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6 Responses to Dolores to take part in “The Voice of Ireland” as judge

  1. Jury

    Great and unexpected news 🙂

  2. Luigi

    Nice…I’m not sure about it, I’m no english, but didn’t she mention anything about another cranberries’ album?

  3. Jury

    No, she didn’t say anything about the Cranberries’ new album.

    • Olviya

      She didn’t say about the new album because no one writes an album in one day, but she said something that probably most of the people didn’t pay attention to. She says in the interview that she needs to be focused now. Is it about her new position as a judge? I don’t think so; she probably means something else, though I can only guess about it.

  4. Tipsy

    Do you know how we can get to see the tv show overseas?? like every part the selection the show and each single news?!


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