Dolores @ The Voice of Ireland’s Blind Auditions

October 20, 2013  |  1 Comments  |  by Camille  |  The Voice

As promised, here are a little news from the Blind Auditions of The Voice of Ireland where Dolores appears as a coach for the first time this year.

The Voice

Our team was quite surprised to see how easily Dolores plays the game, almost stealing the show from Kian.
She seems to be taking her role very seriously and is probably the most professional coach on the set, giving candidates technical advices, as well as entertaining everyone with numerous jokes.
Looks like people in the audience have been enjoying her speeches as much as they often ended up encouraging candidates to choose her as their choach.

Dolores also revealed that she WILL sing at Concerto di Natale this winter in Italy during the TV show.

More to come tomorrow…

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  1. emocione

    dOlores oRiordan – very beautifull women !

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