Dolores O’ Riordan to launch court action against Noel Hogan

October 25, 2013  |  8 Comments  |  by Camille  |  The Cranberries

A weird piece of news to wake up with this morning as we find out in the Irish Press (Irish Independent & Limerick Leader) that Dolores O’ Riordan is about to launch court action against Noel Hogan.

According to these articles, the “cause of action in the filing is listed as a declaration” but no other details have been given as the singer, her spokesperson and Noel remain quiet about the matter.

This, of course, is quite unexpected as The Cranberries have been stating since their reunion tour in 2009 that they’ve always been in good terms and that both Dolores and Noel had even kept writing for each other during the band’s hiatus.

Let’s hope for more news to understand what’s happening exactly and see if that can affect the future of the band as this is quite worrying and shocking for us, fans.
Let’s also note that both articles seem to be repeating the content of a press release without clearly understanding what’s at stake as they’re using the same exact terms.

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8 Responses to Dolores O’ Riordan to launch court action against Noel Hogan

  1. I love you Dolores* Paz y Amor

  2. archie

    Good bye The Cranberries! I really liked the Roses album, but if I have to choose between Noel’s and Dolores’ songwriting, I choose Noel’s. Preffered Mono Band much more than any of the Dolores’ solo albums.

    • Leo

      I don’t agree.. most successful cranberries’ songs were written both music and lyrics only by Dolores.. Mono Band meant nothing.. you know what? because Roses sucks… There is not nothing new in it.. so these years separated weren’t in the album where you can not hear anything fresh.. it’s like the same but worse.. it my opinion… I’m really expecting Dolores’ solo album.. she made the best on her own..

    • archie

      Yeah, you said it right – “most sucessful”. It doesn’t mean it’s pure art. After all, Mono Band project received an aplause from the professional critics for a change. I’m not here to argue with you, I made a personal statement. It doesn’t mean I don’t listen to O’Riordan’s solo records. I just think Hogan is better songwriter. That’s all. Don’t be such a drama queen. Cheers!

    • Goat

      Oh dear. The old ‘successful doesn’t mean good’ chestnut! You people make me sick.
      Singles are released as singles because they are better than the album other tracks!
      Bands don’t just say, “Hey, let’s be commercial and make a few No.1s”, that’s a laughable myth and everyone wants to release successful, great tunes.
      Successful songs are successful because people can discern that they have a great melody.
      I guess some people are tone deaf.
      …Haven’t heard much from The Cranberries since Roses and the tour, so maybe they’re done. Sad, because Roses was a good comeback album, with about 6 good songs (1 or 2 weren’t put on the final Roses release, e.g. ‘In it Together’, should’ve been on instead of the sore thumb ‘Walthamstow’ song). ‘Conduct’ is one of their top 10 tracks.

  3. archie

    It’s actually such a shame, cause after Roses I started to believe The Cranberries’ music is back on the trace, deeper and more intimate, and I was looking forward to the 7th album. Such a shame, really.

  4. probably this explains the rumor concerning Dolores’ 3rd solo album (from what Marco Mendoza sad) and this could mean no crans album in the future, and it would be really sad, as this time it will be not a hiatus but the end of the cranberries. Let’s hope this won’t happened. But this news couldn’t arise from nothing..

  5. Dan Despandy

    So, so sad… I was one of the few people who really enjoyed Roses (so much more than Dolores solo albums, especially No Baggage). But if it’s true, the worst thing for me is to realize that maybe there will be no more Cranberries tour. I can’t stand Cranberries music played by other musicians…


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